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  • Procedure Face Masks with Earloops


    Quality crafted for excellent protection and a comfortable fit, this procedure face mask is ideal for a wide range of applications and wherever fluid exposure is probable. Features & Benefits: Specialized nonwoven material structure featuring a three-ply, pleated construction…

  • EDGE™ 67-100 Series Face Masks


    …on consistent quality industrial clothing to protect them from workplace risks and do their job more effectively. The Edge™ 67-100 face mask series has a fabric construction of spunbond polypropylene fabric that is lightweight and highly breathable. It offers a basic protection against…

  • KIMTECH PURE* M3 Sterile Face Mask With Knitted Earloops - 7" Pleat Style -…

    Kimberly Clark

    Low-linting polyethylene film outer layer provides protection from contamination. Excellent bacterial and particle filtration combined with good breathability BICOSOF* fabric inner-facing provides comfort Gamma sterilized and individually bagged. Certificate of Irradiation available. Recommended for…

  • Anti-Fog Surgical Face Masks


    Masks are designed to create a seal between the mask and user's face to prevent fogging Technology in the form of adhesive, foam or film keeps condensation from escaping out the top of the mask, thus preventing eyeglasses from fogging and ensuring optical clarity Cellulose inner facings

  • Critical Cover® PFL® Laser Facemask

    Alpha Pro Tech

    …a comfortable seal to the user’s face. The patented and integrated Magic Arch™ technology prevents the mask from coming in contact with the user’s nose and mouth thereby making it easier to breathe while enhancing filtration efficiency. These durable masks are made of hypoallergenic materials…

  • Cleanroom Apparel


    …pharmaceutical, nuclear industry and medical devices manufacturing cleanroom environments. With a wide range of product solutions, Q-Leap cleanroom face masks help protect your business critical production processes. Produced and packed in a controlled environment with ultra-low particle counts.…

  • Critical Cover® Combo® Masks with Shield

    Alpha Pro Tech

    The Combo® facemask and face shield is hypoallergenic with an optically clear shield. The face shield is attached to the mask with snaps so that it can be easily removed where applicable. The face shield is 7 millimeters thick with an anti-fog coating, low glare and is distortion free.

  • BioClean™ MTA™ Tie-On Facemasks


    Providing high particle and bacterial filtration efficiency, the BioClean MTA™ Cleanroom Tie-on Facemask is manufactured from cleanroom compatible materials to reduce contamination into the controlled environment and features tie-tapes for a secure fastening.

  • EDGE™ 67-100 Series Beard Covers


    For workers who rely on consistent quality industrial clothing to protect them from workplace risks and do their job more effectively. The Edge™ 67-100 hair net series has a fabric construction of spunbond polypropylene fabric that is lightweight and highly breathable. It offers a basic…

  • BioClean™ Hoods


    The BioClean-D™ single use three piece Hood has been designed and constructed for a perfect fit. Made from antistatic lowlinting durable CleanTough™ material, the hood features an elasticated face-opening with reinforced edges for exceptional comfort and protection.

  • 1860 Particulate Respirator Mask N95

    3M Safety

    …1860 incorporates a 3M-patented, flat-fold/three-panel design that gives it a comfortable fit. The design fits most face sizes and head shapes allowing standardization to a single respirator. It is available in two sizes. Respirators include a soft inner shell for greater comfort against the face.

  • 7500 Series Reusable Half Face Mask Respirators


    The 3M™ 7500 series reusable half masks have set a new standard in comfort. The patented exhalation valve provides increased durability and is easy to keep clean. Available in three sizes, all masks have the 3M™ Bayonet Attachment System offering a broad range of twin lightweight…

  • Dukal N95 Respirator & Surgical Face Masks

    Dukal Corporation

    Respirator/Surgical Masks meet NIOSH and CDC guidelines. Respirators are designed to reduce water exposure to airborne disease and meet CDC guidelines for tuberculosis exposure control. Filter efficiency of 95% or greater against particulate aerosols free

  • KIMTECH PURE* M6 Mask (formerly GPM) With Knitted Earloops

    Kimberly Clark

    Two-layer design BICOSOF* fabric inner facing provides comfort Recommended for ISO Class 6 or higher cleanroom environments

  • Critical Cover® ShieldMate® Facemask w/Eye Shield

    Alpha Pro Tech

    Dual Protective Performance Features & Benefits: Get both eye and face splash protection along with particulate filtration efficiency in this truly unique design. The ShieldMate®, a combination facemask and eye shield, features a low glare, anti-fog coated, optically clear shield that is…

  • Nuisance Dust Mask


    The disposable Nuisance Dust Mask provides basic protection against non-toxic dust, pollen, mold and dander.

  • Cleanroom Face Masks

    Epic Medical

    Disposable non-woven 3 layer facemask. Constructed from FDA/USDA approved materials, hypoallergenic. Thomas No. 1202C12: Latex free round elastic ear loop is covered in a soft material for added comfort Thomas No. 1202C13: Four attached latex free polypropylene ties for a secure fit Thomas No.…

  • Sierra™ General Masks, Blue, 7"


    7" size Stretch ear loops Pleated Polypropylene outer facing Metal Nose piece Blue Excellent balance of bacteria and particle filtration efiiciency and breathability

  • Insta-Gard® Procedure Masks

    Cardinal Health

    Insta-Gard® masks are the standard for procedural masks, and they are a cost-effective solution for general use, particularly in low-fluid cases. Blue polypropylene outer facing Protects against particles Downward folding pleats Sonically sealed edges Fully enclosed nosepiece

  • 7600 Series Full Facepiece Respirators

    North by Honeywell

    …sealing area - Wider sealing area with added flexibility for difficult to fit faces. Fewer sizes needed to fit a broader spectrum of facial types. Five strap head harness - Center strap helps to position and hold the mask. More secure fit even during strenuous jobs requiring lots of movement. …

  • BioClean™ Microflow™ Face Veils


    BFV05 Made from apertured polyethylene film, the BioClean Microflow™ Cleanroom Face Veil offers outstanding comfort for the wearer and features a fully-enclosed, malleable plastic coated aluminium noseband. They feature ultrasonically sealed seams and have been developed to be compatible…

  • 2730N100 Series Particulate Respirators with HandyStrap®


    …® , with buckle, allows mask to hang down around the user's neck when not in use Cloth HandyStrap ® feels cool and comfortable Ventex ® valve lets the hot air out faster so workers breathe easier and stay cooler longer Soft foam face cushion for added comfort and…

  • Prohibit X-Tra Fluid Protection Surgical Face Masks with Eyeshield


    Prohibit X-Tra Fluid Protection Mask with Eyeshield and Ties features non-glare, fog-free, wrap around eyeshield that assures maximum eye and facial protection Cellulose inner and outer facing offers protection against fluid at the ASTM F1862 80mmHg level Anti-fog strip of comfortable, soft…

  • 6000 Series Reusable Half Face Mask Respirators


    The 3M™ reusable half face respirator is an economical, low-maintenance, simple to handle and extremely lightweight. Head harness cradle suspension is designed for a comfortable fit Lightweight elastomeric material for comfort during long periods of work. Low profile design…

  • Reusable Half Face Mask Respirators

    3M Safety

    This half facepiece reusable respirator offers reliable and convenient respiratory protection and is suitable for many situations, helping provide protection against particulates and a wide variety of gases and vapors according to NIOSH approvals. This series combines comfort and convenience…

  • CFR-1 Comfort Fit Respirators

    North by Honeywell

    CFR-1 reusable particulate respirators give workers the comfort and protection they require. The CFR-1’s filter never touches their face, keeping it cool and dry so that one filter can provide all day protection. The facepiece is reusable while filters are replaceable. Optional R95…

  • Standard Cone Masks

    Kimberly Clark

    The Kimberly-Clark Standard Cone Mask with Headband is appropriate for situations where exposure to blood and/or bodily fluids is not a risk. Features: Molded style Headband Materials and donning attachments are sonically bonded Mask is natural rubber latex-free

  • Bitrex Respirator Fit-Test Kit

    North by Honeywell

    …protection program that includes medical clearance for wearing a respirator and a respirator fit-test to ensure proper face seals against aerosol leakage around the mask. The Bitrex fit-test kit is an easy method of qualitative fit testing for disposable particulate and NIOSH approved respirators.…

  • Cleanroom Face Veils


    Metal nose piece  Stainless steel snaps for attachment One size fits most

  • Cartridges For P100 Masks Pk2

    North by Honeywell

    Defender™ Multi-Purpose Cartridges are available for 5400, 5500, 7600 and 7700 Series respirators. When properly fitted these cartridges protrect against Organic Vapors, Chlorine, Hydrogen Chloride, Sulfur Dioxide, Hydrogen Sulfide (Escape), Hydrogen Fluoride, Chlorine Dioxide, Ammonia, Methyl…

  • BioClean™ DB™ Pouch-Style Facemasks


    Constructed with a patented spacer to maintain clear breathing space, the BioClean DB™ Pouch-style Facemask ensures exceptional breathability, comfort, and protection for the wearer.

  • Face Mask Acrylic Dispenser

    National Marker (NMC)

    Dispenser with safety green top features a hinged lid designed to eliminate unwanted dust particles. Holds more than 30 masks.

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