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Distilled Water
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  • Distilled Water

    RPI (Research Products International)

    Laboratory reagent grade. Purified by steam distillation for use as a research laboratory reagent. Not intended or sold for human consumption. 10 Liter size supplied in a Cubitainer with pouring spout.

  • Distilled Water

    Boston BioProducts

    Components: Water(100%) Method: Distilled and steam sterilized at 121°C/15 psi for 60 minutes. pH: < 7.5 Storage: Room Temp.

  • …This new Quickfit® water still features a high quality Pyrex® glass boiler and condenser. Output capacity 4Liters/Hour pyrogen free* single distilled water Easy to install and use Reliable operation - proven quality components High quality distillate complies to ASTM and ISO…

  • …the best water quality and, therefore, reproducible results. iJust Compared with conventional water systems, the arium® comfort I with its iJust software makes the best use of your water resources. Intelligent iJust enhances the quality of purified water, reduces your water usage, and…

  • PH200 Portable Meter Kit for Purified Water

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    …of purified water such as drinking/RO/distilled/deionized water and other low ion-concentration solutions. The 3-in-1 Glass pH/temp. Electrode uses a moveable sleeve junction, Long-Life reference system, and a patented pH/temp. dual sensor structure, making precise purified water pH measurement…

  • All-in-one system: Produces pure (Type 3) water at 3 L/hour and ultrapure (Type 1) water at 0.5L/min, directly from potable tap water. Direct-Q® systems deliver both pure and ultrapure water directly from tap for use with a wide variety of applications in your lab. Direct-Q® systems…

  • distillation), nitric nitrogen (after reduction/Devarda), phenols, volatile acids, cyanides and alcohol content. UDK 149 offers an upgrade pathway to combine distillation and titration. Automated Operation Programmable boric acid, water, sodium hydroxide addition and distillation

  • Low Water Cutoff Protects against heater burnout Interrupts power to heating elements if no water is present in boiler, preventing damage to still Power remains off until reset manually UL listed; for 120 V, 50/60 Hz. Electric Heating Elements Two 650-watt elements…

  • …and Type I water packaged in a compact all-inone benchtop design For laboratories needing 1-10 liters per day, the WaterPro BT System, delivers ultrapure Type I*, up to 18.2 megohm-cm at a typical rate of >0.5 liter per minute** at inlet water temperature of 25° C. Type I water is ideal…

  • Merit Water Still, W4000

    Stuart (Cole-Parmer)

    …design ensures that the droplets of distilled water remain in contact with the cooling coil for the longest possible time, producing cool distilled water and preheating the boiler feed to increase efficiency. 'Screw threads' are incorporated on all water connections so hoses can be fitted…

  • distillation water distiller made of stainless steel. Designed for producing high quality distillate without full-time personnel control. CE-certified. Modern all-in-one design Low cost, comparing to competitors and distiller+separate automatic tank systems High-quality distillate

  • Low-cost, reliable water distiller with modern space-saving design. Full powder-coated stainless steel body. Modern space saving design Low-cost High-quality distillate – conductivity approx 2,5 µS/cm (depends on incoming water) Thermostatic low-water cut-off safety…

  • …purified water Vented condenser allows for stripping of gaseous impurities Unique deconcentrator removes scale forming impurities Economical, portable - ideal for educational and other labs with moderate pure water requirements Produces high quality distilled water at the…

  • Aquatron® Water Stills

    Techne (Cole-Parmer)

    …litres/hour double distilled water. The high quality PYREX® borosilicate glassware coupled with silica sheathed heaters gives pyrogen free distillate of the highest purity from virtually any raw water supply. The unique condenser design ensures that the droplets of distilled water remain in…

  • …in a compact still Dual-fed capability provides for tap or pretreated water Low water protection prevents heater damage Unique vapor trap eliminates carry-over of impure vapor born droplets into pyrogen-free distillate Economically priced Dual feed capabilities for tap or pretreated…

  • Distinction Water Stills

    Techne (Cole-Parmer)

    …the water supply. The unique condenser design ensures that the droplets of distilled water remain in contact with the cooling coil for the longest possible time producing cold distilled water and pre-heating the boiler feed to increase efficiency. Screwthreads are incorporated on all water

  • Simple operation and highly dependable, for producing biologically pure, pyrogen-free water Water Stills (3915G20 and M50) Choose from three models depending upon your specific volume needs Features a vertical condenser for maximum efficiency and removal of gaseous impurities …

  • …kit allows for distribution of distilled product water to a glassware washer, point of use deionization (DI) system or any system requiring distilled water as a feed source, while leaving the spigot at the front of the tank free to manually draw water from at any time. Product Features:…

  • High-Density Polyethylene Carboys

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …Molded-in graduations Built-in shoulder loops have attached handle Space saving rectangular shape Excellent for collecting and dispensing distilled water Tough, rigid and translucent Dimensions: 9 liter carboys measure 8 1/2” x 5 3/4” x 14”; 20 liter carboys measure 12…

  • Bench, floor or wall-mounted models for efficient production of high-quality distilled water Feedwater pre-heated in condenser allowing for energy conservation Space-saving horizontal condensers Energy saving double-walled evaporator Typically lasts up to 20 years, metal…

  • General Composition: Demineralized, distilled water containing less than 20ppm total solids and less than 0.3ppm iron. Equivalent to Type II reagent grade water. Formula: H2O Formula Weight: 18.02  

  • Certified Cell Culture Water

    Boston BioProducts

    Components: Water(-) Method: Distilled and steam sterilized at 121°C/15 psi for 60 minutes. pH: < 7.0 Storage: Room Temp.

  • …ultrapure water systems. The set includes 2 water purification cartridges: 1 x prefilter cartridge 1 x polishing cartridge H2O-U-PACK (1213R38) The Universal Kit is a cartridge set for an arium ultrapure water system that is fed by tap water. This set includes 2 water

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