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Copan Swab
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  • This product consists of swabs containing desiccated SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid antigen on Copan FLOQSwabs®.

  • This product consists of swabs containing desiccated SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid antigen, Influenza A and Influenza B on Copan FLOQSwabs®.

  • CLASSIQSwabs™ Dry Swabs Sterile Dry Standard Fiber Wrapped Swabs Used for sample collection and transfer, CLASSIQSwabs™ dry fiber wrapped swabs are available with a variety of applicator and swab materials, tip sizes and packaging configurations.

  • …flocked swab as a transfer device from the primary collection container The flocked swab provided with each FecalSwab® kit can be used not only as a transfer tool for feces but also as a rectal swab. FecalSwab® is available with a regular flocked swab or a swab with a molded…

  • …need to be collected offering a more comfortable experience. For laboratories, ESwab™ provides a broad range of testing applications replacing the traditional practices requiring multiple swabs with just one ESwab™; thus eliminating costs associated with stocking numerous swab types.

  • …in individual transport tubes in bulk or as patient collection kits paired with COPAN FLOQSwabs® or Polyester fiber or foam swabs. Molded breakpoint on swabs shaft for safe and reliable breaking of the swab into transport tube Skirted, flat-bottom tubes with distinctive internal conical…

  • FLOQSwabs®


    …more than 90% of the sample. Compare this elution to traditional spun swabs that trap the majority of the specimen in the 'mattress' structure, making it unavailable for testing, and it's easy to see why COPAN FLOQSwabs® are used by more and more laboratories and medical institutions…

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