Cod Digester Block

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Cod Digester Block
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  • The accu-TEST™ COD Reactor Block is an economical solution for digestion of chemical oxygen demand (COD) samples. The accu-TEST COD Reactor Block is easier to use and more economical than other heating methods for COD vial digestion. The accu-TEST COD Reactor Block maintains temperature…

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    …required temperature in a standard digestor block. Once digestion is completed, results are obtained using any photometer that accepts 16-mm diameter cells. CHEMetrics’ COD vials can be directly used with CHEMEtrics’ single analyte COD photometers, as well as Hachs’…

  • Lovibond

    The TR125 Reactor is for chemical digestion of samples that require it, such as in the determination of COD, TOC, Total Phosphate and Total Nitrogen. The required temperatures and reaction times are pre-programmed, and easy to select by using the keypad. Users can pre-select reaction times of 30,…

  • This COD heater block features digital microprocessor control, programmable timer and temperature settings, and a dual LED display to monitor both temperature and timer. Perfect for COD, Total Phosphorus, and Total Nitrogen testing PLUS other tests requiring digestion.

  • CHEMetrics

    …Dichromate Reactor Digestion Kit comes in a cardboard box and contains everything needed to perform up to 97 tests (except distilled water): 98 vials and instructions. All COD Kits require the use of a Digestor Block and the V-2000 Photometer, a COD Photometer, or a spectrophotometer…

  • …for the Examination of Water and Wastewater.” The COD reagents, in 3 ranges (low, medium and high), are pre-measured, ready-to-use and have a long shelf life. They are supplied 25 to a package in 16 mm vials. The COD Reactor can digest up to 25 samples simultaneously in 2 hours or less. The…

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