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Clean Wipes
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  • Thomas Optik Wipes


    Non-woven cloth Cleans eyeglasses Strong cleanroom grade non-woven cloth is soft and lint-free Individually dispensed wipes are handy and ready for instant use Packaged 100 per polyethylene canister; reclosable container

  • ESD & Anti-Static Wipes

    LPD Trade

    …create a spark while discharging. Performance Characteristics: Weight: 140 gr/m 2  The wipes are packed in a double bag, in a Clean Room Class 1. The wipes are packed loosely for easy handling. *No one should use those items close to live currency/wire so they…

  • Polywipe-C Wipes


    …filament polyester. This wipe is laundered and packaged in an ISO Class 4 cleanroom to further reduce contamination. Lightweight 100% polyester interlock knit wipes Soft textured wipe cleans surfaces without scratching Non-abrasive edge allows 100% utilization of wipe Extremely low…

  • WYPALL* X60 Wipers

    Kimberly Clark

    …to a lighter-weight wiper. Designed to outperform rags, Wypall* X60 Wipers raise the standard for general-purpose wipers. No adhesives or binders; leaves no residue Reinforced for extra scrubbing and cleaning power Tough enough for big jobs – soft enough for face and hands

  • KIMTECH* C3 Aviation Cleaning Wipes

    Kimberly Clark

    An easy to implement lean cleaning solution that addresses waste reduction and productivity improvement around general wiping needs. 5 packs of 100 sheets/pack.

  • Thomas Clean-Wipes


    …and strength. Long-lasting wipes never fall apart like paper towels. Wipes are individually dispensed and ready for instant use, with a unique opening that allows wipes to virtually glide out when pulled. Reclosable benchtop container assures a clean wipe each time and the snap-on sealed…

  • Polyknit Wipes


    … Abrasion and chemical resistant Applications Ideal for general purpose cleaning and wiping exterior surfaces of products Excellent for use on rough surfaces and for applications involving solvents Cleaning interior surfaces Cleaning process tools and other equipment

  • Polywipe Extra Knit Wipes


    Polywipe Extra is a standard weight clean processed polyester knit wipe. It has a knife cut edge and durable no run interlock knit construction. Different sizes and put-ups available Product is double bagged to ensure product integrity Lot numbers provide traceability Also available…

  • Stain-Away™ Instrument Wipes


    …Stain-Away™ Instrument Wipes clean, polish and protect surgical instruments. They remove rust, stains, water deposits and tarnish,and polish dull, discolored metal. Removes rust, stains, water deposits and tarnish. Rinses spot & residue-free. Convenient wipe is ready-to-use.

  • KIMTECH® Surface Sanitizer Wipes

    Kimberly Clark

    The Ultimate One-Step Sanitizing Weapon! KIMTECH PREP® Surface Sanitizer Wipes will make your sanitizing wiping needs - simple! You get a fresh, clean KIMTECH® wipe every time! Eliminates bacteria transfer between dirty rags and surfaces. Kill 99.999% of bacterial (on hard, non-porous surfaces).

  • PURELL® Sanitizing Hand Wipes

    GOJO Industries

    Enhance guest and patient experience and satisfaction with economical towelettes that clean and sanitize. Individually wrapped, “on-the-go” amenity item for a wide variety of markets, including foodservice, healthcare, travel and hospitality. Made with 62% ethyl alcohol – the same…

  • Lab Wipes

    Azer Scientific

    Made from a low lint, heavy-duty, air-layered material For use as an absorbent surface For cover slipping, or For general lab clean up Quarter-fold

  • DURX® 570 Wipers


    …common cleaning and disinfecting solutions Autoclavable Applications Recommended for use in ISO Class 5 - 8 (Class 100 - 100,000) Cleanroom Applications Absorbent low particle work surface material Ideal for cleaning work surfaces and spill pickup General purpose wiping and polishing…

  • StatZorb® Electrostatic Wipes


    …StatZorb® wipes are made of polyester fabric with conductive fiber in specially designed grid pattern that minimizes "hot spots". Antistatic properties are uniform on both sides of the wipe making them ideal for dry wiping of sensitive electronic components and general cleaning in ESD…

  • Amplitude™ EcoCloth™ Wipes


    wipe provides for an economical absorbent wipe ideal for general cleaning applications. Excellent durability and sorbency. Economical and cost effective Lightweight, sorbent wipe Double packaged to preserve product integrity Applications General purpose wiping and…

  • Cleanroom Wipers


    Wiper Cleaning Principle Cleaning is a process of lowering the adhesion force between the particles and the surface to be cleaned allowing the contaminant to be easily captured by the wiper. It involves a method of balancing the particle content between the contaminated surface and the wiper.…

  • Twill Jean Cotton Twill Wipes


    …construction. The Twill Jean Wipe is very absorbent and has high thermal stability for high temperature applications. The edges are bias cut to prevent unraveling. Strong, durable, and absorbent Suitable for high temperature applications Excellent for surface cleaning or spill pick up

  • WYPALL® Waterless Cleaning Wipes

    Kimberly Clark

    WYPALL® Waterless Cleaning Wipes in the 75 count bucket are the ideal presaturated cleaner for on-the-go cleaning of hands, tools, parts and non-porous work surfaces. Natural solvents cut through grease, grime and oil while soothing ingredients aid in moisturing the skin.

  • PCR Clean™ Wipes

    Minerva Biolabs

    …like DNases and RNases are inactivated. PCR Clean™ Wipes are the simple solution for cleaning and decontaminating surfaces in a PCR laboratory. There’s no need for multiple products when you have the convenience of a simple-to-use wipe. When you use a sponge or even paper towel, you…

  • Amersham Hypercassette Autoradiography Cassettes

    GE Healthcare

    …science research. Deep cassettes are 1.5 cm in depth, allowing them to accommodate thicker samples. A choice of Hypercassette colors enables color coding of work. Use a permanent marker to record details on the polycarbonate label and be confident of secure identification, then wipe clean after use.

  • Blow Off™ Electronic Cleaning Wipes

    Max Professional

    Blow Off™ Electronic Cleaning Wipes are the quick and easy way to safely clean electronic equipment. Our non-abrasive, oil and wax-free formula effectively eliminates static charges and repels harmful dust. Recommended for: Computers, Notebooks, Keyboards, Printers, Telephones, TVs, VCRs…

  • Refresher Wipes

    North by Honeywell

    Refresher wipe pads provide a quick, easy method of removing perspiration and body oils from the respirator facepiece between scheduled cleanings. These wipe pads make respirator usage more acceptable to the wearer by improving comfort. The 80992 germicidal solution is an EPA (Environmental…

  • Battery Wipes


    Neutralize acid Clean terminals Formulated to clean and neutralize battery acid. Wipes remove corrosion from terminals, connectors and trays. If heavily corroded, a light scrubbing with a plastic bristle brush will remove corrosion without messy foam. Wipes are packed 20 per canister.

  • Mycoplasma-Off™ Wipes

    Minerva Biolabs

    …incubator interior, and many more. No toxicity Mycoplasma-Off™ Wipes are made with a bleach-free formula leaving a light, clean scent every time you wipe off a surface. Mycoplasma-Off™ Wipes are soaked with an alcohol-based, non-corrosive and non-carcinogenic disinfection…

  • HYPO-CHLOR Wipes

    Veltek Associates

    …hypochlorite wipes used for both aseptic and non-aseptic wipe downs of filling and packaging machinery, surfaces, lexan, polycarbonate, glass, and any critical surfaces that require cleaning. The unique and patented Asepti-Fill system assures sterility of the wipes is contained. HYPO-CHLOR wipe

  • Purity Wipes

    …and clean. They are extremely low in particle generation and soluble extractables and are laundered in ultra filtered water and dried in a HEPA filtered class 10 air stream. Each wipe is hermetically sealed and packaged within a class 100 clean room that meets Federal Standard 209B. Wipes measure…

  • CiDehol® 70 Wipes

    Decon Labs

    …70 Wipes are pre-saturated with 70% isopropyl alcohol and 30% USP grade water. These wipes are ideal for cleaning hard surfaces, production areas and equipment in labs, cleanrooms and other facilities. Simply wipe the surface to be cleaned and allow excess moisture to evaporate. The wipes are…

  • SATWipes® Polyester Presaturated Wipes


    … Different sizes and put-ups available Applications Excellent wipe for less critical applications Cleaning -- wipe down, process tools and other equipment Wipe down prior to cleanroom entry General purpose cleaning and surface preparation Compatible with ISO Class 5 environments

  • PURELL® Sanitizing Wipes

    GOJO Industries

    All the germ-killing benefits of PURELL, America’s #1 instant hand sanitizer, in a non-linting, durable wipe. Textured for superior cleaning. Sanitizes hands while wiping away light soils and dirt. Kills 99.99% of most common germs that may cause illness. Convenient, easy to use and ideal for…

  • SCRUBS® Appliance Cleaner Wipes

    ITW Dymon

    SCRUBS® Appliance Cleaner Wipes  are the easy solution for quick clean-ups around kitchens and break rooms. Designed to clean inside microwaves and refrigerators, the durable dual-textured wipe combined with a professional cleaning formulation cuts through baked and dried on messes, as well…

  • Foamtec® Foam Wipes


    …and entraps and removes particles from wiped surfaces, leaving low levels of residue. These wipes are soft, non-abrasive, and highly sorptive. Excellent for screen cleaning in microelectronics and useful as packaging to protect clean products. The wipes are laundered and packaged in an ISO Class…

  • Amplitude™ Delta™ Wipes


    …for use in ISO Class 5 Cleanroom applications Designed for cleaning delicate optical products such as lenses and mirrors Ideal for application of and cleaning with solvents Good for solvent spills and clean up in Cleanroom environment Use for product wipe down before entry into cleanroom

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