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Clamps For Tubing
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  • The clamp adjusts to fit various sizes of vials. It holds up to 48 x 2 mL vials as a single layer, or 96 x 2 mL vials when stacked. The quick-locking system on the Genomax allows for easy installation and removal of the clamp. Users can load the clamp on the bench top and then lock it into place on…

  • …accommodate up to four deep well microplates. The clamp platform has spring loaded retaining bars that hold flasks, bottles, racks, etc. in place. Time and speed are set and displayed on the large LED. The broad speed range allows it to be used for gentle mixing as well as vigorous agitation.

  • Dynalon

    …control. The clamp design features easy tube insertion for both manual and automatic operations. Molded of polypropylene suitable for ETO sterilization and is stocked in white. (Other colors available on special order).  Accepts approximately 1/4" to 1/2" OD tubing.   Mini…

  • clamps, and clips will not scratch glass or corrode—ideal for glass and tubing assembly. All KECK products are color-coded for fast, easy size identification. Use quick disconnect adapters for safe, convenient tubing-to-tubing or tubing-to-glass connections. Use RAMP CLAMP tubing clamps for

  • …disconnecting tubing Molded of Delrin® plastic Clamp is autoclavable and resistant to acids, alkalis and organic solvents Accepts flexible tubing up to 14mm (1/2") O.D. Spring Tubing Clamp Squeeze control Perfect for flexible tubing Positive action, self closing clamp

  • quick-ship

    United Scientific Supplies

    Test tube clamp for all sizes of test tubes. Available with and without finger grips in both Brass Wire and Steel wire with a brass finish. Note: Wooden test tube holder can accommodate test tubes from 12mm to 25mm in diameter.

  • tube from slipping out Swing Jaw™ Tubing Clamps For all fixed tubing Zinc-plated steel clamp provides non-slip closure for flexible tubes Knurled nut compresses against a swinging jaw with smooth clamping surfaces Can be installed or removed without disconnecting tubing

  • Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    All-plastic clamp will not rust, corrode or deform Molded in one piece to eliminate sharp edges Autoclavable Allows precise, one hand regulation of fluid flow, from completely open, to restricted flow, to completely closed. Ideal for use with Nalgene laboratory tubing.

  • …laboratory glassware and apparatus. Long, seamless nickle-plated brass tubing attaches clamp head securely and offers easy positioning in the deepest fume hoods. Clamps are constructed with round extension arms, which allow the clamps to be rotated 360°. Extension arms also allow placement of…

  • GSC International, Inc.

    …We also sell test tube clamps made from nickel-plated steel . PRODUCT WARNINGS WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including nickel and lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information…

  • Clamp is single position on-off clamp; for use with thin-wall tubing less than 3/16” o.d. 2848W30 Clamp is 15-position ratchet- type for one-hand, stepwise flow control or shutoff; for use with tubing from 1/8” to 7/16” o.d. 2848W34 Clamp is 12-position ratchet- type for

  • Agilent Technologies products are intended for sale/shipment within the US only. International customers should contact their local Agilent Technologies distributor to place orders for Agilent Technologies products.

  • Grant Instruments

    Versatile tray with threaded holes to attach 25 - 1000mL flask clamps, SH plate holders and SR racks.

  • A great way to be prepared for your next clamping situation! Kit contains 5 each, of all 13 sizes, neatly organized in a polypropylene box with adjustable dividers.

  • …food grade tubing (1085 series) 1210D25 Supplied with 1/4" I.D., 3/8" O.D.  tubing, and use standard 15 position Dura-Clamp (7075-0000). Supplied with vented closures. Hose tubing can be clamped  out of the way when not in use. Maximum temperature for  LDPE…

  • …and tubes. Dual prong adjustments permit a wide range of motion. Long stainless steel extension arms make for easy positioning and depth adjustments and design enables secure gripping with added strength and durability. Clamps are autoclavable and come with vinyl and fiberglass prong covers for

  • GSC International, Inc.

    Our nickel-plated spring-steel Mohr's pinch clamps are offered in two varieties - one that can clamp tubes up to 13mm in diameter and one that can fit tubes up to 19mm in diameter. PRODUCT WARNINGS WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including nickel and lead, which are…

  • New Brunswick Scientific

    Eppendorf™ Sticky Tape is an alternative to flask clamps for securing vessels to a shaker platform. Ideal for bottles and dishes or containers that cannot be held with conventional flask clamps Tape can be used at speeds of up to 200 to 300 rpm depending on flask size, orbit…

  • New Brunswick Scientific

    Sticky Pads are an alternative to flask clamps for securing vessels to a shaker platform Ideal for containers such as bottles and dishes that cannot be held with conventional flask clamps With flasks, these products can be used at speeds of up to 200 to 300 RPM depending on orbit diameter,…

  • …Recommended for Geno/Grinder clamp speeds under 1200 strokes/minute. 2196 Holder for 50 mL Centrifuge Tubes : Thick, rugged foam block holds 12 standard 50 mL centrifuge tubes, 115 mm length. For use with 2195 Large Capacity Clamp Assembly. 2197 Holder for 15 mL Centrifuge Tubes:

  • …collect coolant for recirculation or to drain. The Gas/Vacuum Distribution Manifold allows gas or a vacuum from a single source to be evenly distributed to up to five positions or vessels. (Does not control or regulate gas/vacuum flow.) The Universal 5-way Telescopic Clamp is designed to…

  • United Scientific Supplies

    Clamp with Hook can be rotated and locked in any position. Ideal for supporting suspended thermometers, drying tubes, etc. The clamp attaches to rods up to 13mm (1/2") O.D.

  • quick-ship

    labForce® (powered by Thomas Scientific)

    Can be gas or chemically sterilized 65 total pieces in 13 sizes One-piece, reusable clamp squeezes shut for a leakproof seal. Made of chemical/corrosion-resistant, rustproof nylon. Diameters range from 0.246 to 1.610 inches. Temperature range is 32 to 194°F/0 to 90°C.

  • Carolina Components Group

    …pinch clamp for precise fluid flow regulation.  The innovative design allows for quick and easy installation on any tubing assembly, while eliminating the need to install on tubing prior to adding fittings and end connectors.  The holes in the clamp can be used with a zip tie for process…

  • Twin vinyl coated prongs support tubing and any other apparatus. Integral post holder for easy positioning accepts up to 2.1 cm diameter rod. 10 cm length.

  • Product Dimensions (l x w x h) : 11x6.75x2.5in Tubing Connector Kit consists of a 55-piece assortment of connectors and clamps needed in daily lab routines or for industrial application. Supplied in handy plastic compartment tray. Kit includes: 14 Y connectors, 2 each size; 12 quick…

  • DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    Platinum cured silicone translucent tubing USP CLASS VI for medical, laboratory and pharmaceutical use For use with microcassette pump head Does not require stops or clamps Perfect for small volume applications Autoclavable, sterilizable, reusable

  • Holds glass tubes or thermometers from 6 to 13 mm diamter. Swivel lock adjusts from any angle through 360°. Distance from thermometer to support rod in 99 mm. Overall length is 122 mm. Integral post holders for easy connections.

  • Clamping closures gently lock over dialysis tubing, providing a leakproof seal without knots. Can be used with cellulose ester, regenerated cellulose, and PVDF dialysis membranes. Made entirely of Nylon 66, closures have an operating temperature range of 0-90C, and can be sterilized with ethylene…

  • Foxx Life Sciences

    …closure for tangle-free opening, no need to disconnect Tubing, ever. A 0.2µm PTFE inline vent filter retains any aerosolized bacteria, and the entire assembly is nested neatly in a secondary container with a small footprint and incredible stability. A pinch clamp allows for modulation…

  • …sanitary KYNAR® clamp to provide sterile fluid transfer with no extractables as required in bio-tech and pharmaceutical applications. The stopper ports are designed to connect to 1/8", ¼" (4-port Stopper has two ¼" tubes) and 3/8" with 2' silicone tubing both ends, which are…

  • labForce® (powered by Thomas Scientific)

    This hand-driven centrifuge comes with a table-mounting clamp. Features a painted metal body, and metal head. Comes complete with 4 each aluminum shields. Easily dis-assembles for storage in specially designed foam box

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