Centrifuge With Swing Out Rotor

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Centrifuge With Swing Out Rotor
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  • MicroPlate Centrifuges

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    with a swing out rotor for microplates. Centrifuging plates before PCR ensures all reactants are in the bottom of the wells for proper concentrations and improved yields. In spite of its remarkably small footprint (9x10 in.), the MicroPlate Centrifuge includes a uniquely designed, swing out rotor

  • PlateFuge™ MicroPlate Centrifuge


    centrifuge with a swing out rotor for microplates. Centrifuging plates before PCR ensures all reactants are in the bottom of the wells for proper concentrations and improved yields. In spite of its remarkably small footprint (9x10 in.), the PlateFuge™ includes a uniquely designed, swing

  • CM-7S Benchtop Centrifuge


    …our centrifuge will work with every kit without re-suspending your sample upon stop. We have rotors for most commercially available PRP kits; if you are not sure if your kit will work with our centrifuge, please contact us for fitment advice. The CM-7S has 5 additional rotors available…

  • LSE™ Compact Centrifuge


    The Corning® LSE™ Compact Centrifuge is a space saving centrifuge ideal for use in Life Science and Industrial Research labs. Three angle rotors are available (sold separately) for use with the Corning LSE Compact Centrifuge, which can accommodate tube sizes of 15mL, 50mL, and 1.5/2.0mL…

  • EBA 280 Tabletop Centrifuge

    Hettich Instruments

    centrifuge manufacturer  The EBA 280 Serology Package comes complete with everything you need to perform your application. This includes the EBA 280 centrifuge, 12-place 60° swing-out rotor and buckets for 12 x 75 mm tubes. The EBA 280 Blood Tube 12 Package comes complete with

  • High Capacity Centrifuge Accesssories


    …and angle rotor options make the Z400 series centrifuges useful for a wide range of applications from molecular and cellular biology to microplate technology and blood separations.The microprocessor based controls are designed for quick and easy programming. Parameters are set with knobs while…

  • ROTOFIX 32A Benchtop Centrifuge

    Hettich Instruments

    …purpose benchtop centrifuge ideal for routine laboratory tasks whether you need a clinical centrifuge, research centrifuge, medical centrifuge or industrial centrifuge. A wide variety of swing-out and fixed angle rotors are available, as well as a complete cytology system with up to 12 slide…

  • Portable Heated Crude Oil/Petroleum Centrifuge

    LW Scientific

    …Crude Oil Centrifuge from LW Scientific is the perfect solution for oil testing. This newest member of our USA centrifuge initiative features a ZERO-RPM locking lid for safety and digital programming of time and speed ranging from 800-2200rpm. Achieve up to 759g with the swing-out rotor resulting in…

  • PrepSpin Centrifuge, Rotor Not Included


    … Digital rotor imbalance sensor Cold room & refrigerator safe Transparent lid & auto lock Multiple rotors and adapters available Compact and Versatile , with its exceptionally slim design, is one of the most compact and versatile swing-out centrifuges on the market.…

  • Heraeus® Multifuge® X3 Centrifuge Cell Culture Packages

    Thermo Scientific

    …blood separation and microbiology with the Thermo Scientific™ Heraeus™ Multifuge™ X3 Centrifuge Series. Featuring industry-leading throughput and energy-efficient operation, this series can process up to 40% more conical tubes in swing-out rotor configuration and 100% more in…

  • Accessories for Heraeus Megafuge 8 Centrifuge

    Thermo Scientific

    …flexbility for swing-out processing needs with available adapters. TX-100S clinical rotor includes sealed carriers to provide efficient clinical processing of up to 8 x 5/7mL blood collection tubes with certified biocontainment. TX-100 clinical rotor includes carries to provide efficient…

  • Universal Centrifuges

    LW Scientific

    With the choice of either an 8 place fixed-angle rotor or a 6 place swing-out rotor, the Universal Centrifuge from LW Scientific is the perfect solution for both laboratories and doctors’ offices. This newest member of our USA centrifuge initiative features a ZERO-RPM locking lid for safety…

  • Hermle Z36 HK Super Speed Centrifuges


    …capabilities, the Z36 HK doubles as a universal centrifuge with a 4 x 250ml swing out rotor (offering inserts for all common tube sizes) as well as a 2 x 3 position swing-out microplate rotor. Advanced microprocessor controls allow for instant rotor identification, which automatically converts the…

  • Hermle Z306 Universal Centrifuges


    Multi-Purpose, one compact centrifuge that accepts: Swing out rotors (12 x 15ml or 8 x 50ml) High Speed microtube rotors (up to 18,624xg) Low-Medium speed fixed angle rotors for 15ml to 50ml The Z306 is a compact and economical centrifuge with a series of rotor options making…

  • Medifuge™ Small Benchtop Centrifuges

    Thermo Scientific

    with the Thermo Scientific™ Medifuge™ small benchtop centrifuge. It fits in with its compact design and stands out with the unique Thermo Scientific™ DualSpin™ rotor featuring a 2-in-1 hybrid design. Easily change between fixed angle and swinging buckets using the same rotor.

  • Universal 320 Benchtop Centrifuges

    Hettich Instruments

    out virtually any centrifuging task. In the low speed range, the UNIVERSAL 320 and 320 R process standard tubes up to a volume of 100 ml, microtitre plates, conical tubes with screw cap, blood collection tubes and cyto accessories. Microlitre tubes can be accelerated to an RCF of 21,382. Centrifuge

  • Hermle Z206-A Compact Centrifuges


    …tubes The Z206-A Compact Centrifuge is suitable for a variety of applications inside both the clinical and research setting. Three angle rotor options are available permitting use with all common tube sizes from 0.2ml to 50ml. A unique 6 x 5ml swing out rotor is also available for clinical…

  • Rotina 380 Benchtop Centrifuges

    Hettich Instruments

    …features set standards among the benchtop centrifuges in their class. Samples with capacities of up to 4 x 290 ml can be processed in these high-performance centrifuges with a max. RCF of 4,863. Should higher speeds be required, angle rotors with a max. RCF of 16.504 for 50 ml tubes are available.…

  • High Performance Centrifuges


    centrifuge has a capacity up to 400 mL with swing-out and fixed angle rotor options. Capable of 100 memory programs, this centrifuge has a large LCD display showing both pre-selected and actual run parameters with 10 different acceleration and deceleration levels. Both centrifuges are equipped with

  • Hermle Z326 Series Universal Centrifuges


    …17 rotor options Advanced programming with automatic rotor recognition Available with refrigeration 12 x 15 and 8 x 50ml swing out capacity With 17 available rotor options, the Z326 series defines the term “universal”. Swinging bucket rotors and high speed angled rotors

  • Hermle Z446 Series High Capacity Centrifuges


    …programming with automatic rotor recognition Available with refrigeration The Z446 universal centrifuge series offers the highest capacity of any benchtop Hermle-Benchmark model. With air-craft grade, premium alloy construction, the 4 x 750ml swing out rotor can withstand centrifugal

  • Hermle Z366 Series Mid-Range Capacity Centrifuges


    …programming with auto-rotor recognition Optional high speed rotors, providing up to 24,000xg Available with refigeration For applications requiring increased capacity over the Z306 or Z326 series centrifuges, the Z366 series offer a unique “Mid-Range” swing out rotor that…

  • Hermle Z32 HK Super Speed Centrifuges


      Compact, Super Speed Centrifuge, up to 38,007 xg   Also accepts a variety of low speed swing out rotors   Powerful Refrigeration The Z32 HK utilizes much of the technology of our popular Z326 series, with a larger and more powerful motor drive, providing increased…

  • Heraeus® Megafuge® 8 Small Benchtop Centrifuges

    Thermo Scientific

    …Megafuge 8 centrifuge, ventilated, TX-100 clinical swinging bucket rotor with carriers, Adapters for 5/7 mL BD Hemogard®/ BD Vacutainer® tube (set of 4) Low Capacity, Sealed Package Contains: Heraeus Megafuge 8 centrifuge, ventilated, TX-100S clinical swinging bucket rotor with sealed…

  • Heraeus Multifuge X1 and the Heraeus Megafuge 16 Centrifuges

    Thermo Scientific

    …the very best centrifuge platform and rotor technologies with a compact design for maximized workspace, bringing the tabletop centrifuge experience to a whole new level. With a main swing-out rotor for 4 X 400 ml capacity and the exceptional performances of its carbon fiber rotor set, the Heraeus…

  • G-50 Packed Columns, 50-150 µl


    …columns have a packing volume of 500 μl suitable for centrifugation of 50-150 μl sample volume. Prepacked with Sephadex G-50 Collect DNA with small MW (10-20 bases) Suitable for use with Swing-out Rotor Centrifuge No High Speed needed avg, speed needed is 1000-2000 G…

  • Heraeus Multifuge X3, X3R, X3F, X3RF

    Thermo Scientific

    …motion for easiest closing and locking of centrifuge lid- even on tall benches with optional automatic lid opening. SMARTSpin® Technology The advanced rotor management system maximizes acceleration, braking and residual load imbalance for each rotor and bucket option, optimizing safety and…

  • Vivaspin® Turbo 4


    with highest recoveries. The pipette friendly dead stop pocket eliminates the risk of sample filtration to dryness and facilitates the recovery of the concentrate. Vivaspin® Turbo 4 can handle up to 4 ml sample volume in 4 swing-out and fixed angle rotors accepting 15 ml centrifuge tubes.…

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