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  • SYNTHWARE Stainless Steel Cannulas

    Kemtech America

    Various lengths available, for the tranfer and handling of air sensitive materials.

  • Laboratory Pipetting Needles with Blunt Ends

    Cadence Science

    …pipetting needles are available in a wide choice of sizes for use in laboratory procedures. All needles are made with type 304 stainless steel cannulae. Catalog numbers 7950 to 7957 needles are fitted with stainless steel hubs for special applications with corrosive materials or critical procedures.…

  • Tygon® non-DEHP Medical Microbore Tubing

    Saint Gobain

    Clear, non-DEHP tubing that's rigid enough for easy handling, yet soft enough to reduce reduce puncturing. It can be fabricated into cannulas or protective sheaths using thermoforming and flaring techniques. Micro diameters are ideal for intravenous or intra-arterial infusion and minimally…

  • Dissolution Cannulae

    Cadence Science

    …testing is routinely used in the pharmaceutical industry to provide critical release information for quality control purposes, in new drug development, and to predict in vivo drug release profiles. These cannulae feature 316 stainless steel hub and tubing for maximum resistance to chemical reaction.

  • Cancer Implant Needles

    Cadence Science

    Two piece needle set consists of a sharp pointed stainless steel outer cannula and a stainless steel blunt obturator which protrudes 3.2mm (1/8") beyond the needle point. The needle provides a simple procedure to obtain and implant tumorous tissue cells beneath the skin of lab animals for…

  • Dissolution Testing Cannulae

    Thermo Scientific Sun SRi

    Stainless Steel Angled to allow easy access Luer-Lok connection for easy attachment to syringes Tip sleeve allows secure filter attachment Use 4 3/8” cannula for 900mL vessel volume Use 7 ½” cannula for 500mL vessel volume

  • Hypodermic Needles

    Cadence Science

    …achieve uniform sharpness. Precision grinding, micro-bead jet blasting, and ultrasonic cleaning assure freedom from burrs and debris. All needle cannula are fabricated of type 304 stainless steel tubing which must pass our rigorous inplant quality control prior to acceptance and use. Standard…

  • Cannula

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    Chrome plated brass Vent cannulas, introduced into stopper, allow air flow into vial When connected to syringe tubing, feed cannulas provides for liquid aspiration from a bottle

  • SYNTHWARE Transfer/Storage Flasks

    Kemtech America

    SYNTHWARE transfer/storage flask for long term storage of deoxygenated solvent. Recovery of solvent is done thru the valve body using a cannula or syringe.

  • Monoject™ Tuberculin Syringes


    … "Hubless" needle design (Permanent Only) Benefit Produces a consistently sharp needle for more comfortable injections Accurate medication dosage Insures patient safety against nosocomial infections Minimizes waste of medication Assures cannula integrity

  • 2" Cannula With Luer Lock, Blunt End

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

  • Scienceware® Varipet® Pipettors

    Bel-Art Products

    … Teflon® Tip Varipet® Pipettor has excellent chemical resistance because the fluids only contact the borosilicate glass and Teflon® Luer Lock Varipet® Pipettor is supplied with a chrome-plated steel Luer lock fitting, complete with removable cannula for general use Autoclavable

  • SunFlo™ Dissolution Filters

    Thermo Scientific Sun SRi

    Manufactured from Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) foamed porous polyethylene Full flow design removes small particulates Fits securely on the end of a 1/8” cannula sample probe

  • Self-Refilling Syringes

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    …valve ensures repetitive accuracy of ±1% Interchangeable ground glass barrel with Viton ®®washers for corrosion resistance Supplied with blunt end cannula with Luer lock, long and short chrome-plated intake/air vent cannula, sinker and silicone tubing. Autoclaveable.

  • Cannula, Short Intake / Air Vent

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

  • Dissolution Filter Tips

    Thermo Scientific Sun SRi

    Manufactured of polyethylene with a limited porous area Fits securely on the end of a 1/8” cannula or sample probe

  • 4" Cannula With Luer Lock, Blunt End

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

  • Scalp Vein Sets

    EXEL International

    Flexible wings hold the needle in position and help to prevent inadvertent pull out Thin wall stainless steel cannula, siliconized for easy insertion Color-coded for easier identification Latex Free Individually Packaged 12" tube

  • Exit Cannulas For Extrelut NT 1 And Extrelut NT 3


    Includes: 100 Units

  • Needle 23Ga 1/2In S / T LS Adap Catheter


    BD Intramedic™ Luer-stub adapter, 23-gauge fits into BD Intramedic™ PE 50 tubing. Color-coded (Light green) adapters have a disposable blunt end and a 1/2” floor-grade steel cannula with plastic guard Sterile

  • Minipet™ Pipettors

    Bel-Art Products

    …for multi-well plate work; supplied with a chrome plated check valve, Luer lock fitting, Buna-N-seals, stainless steel spring, and Luer lock cannula, 45.7cm long (18”), 3.2mm (1/8") I.D. silicon filling tube and Teflon® sinker TEFLON® is a registered trademark of The…

  • E-Cube Culture System


    …1 barbed Y-connector; 5 each male and female barbed luer fittings; 2 male luer plugs; 2 interlink injection sites; 1 sleeve of blunt plastic cannulas and 3 1.0” ID x 1.25” OD, 1/8” thickness O-rings. 45 mm Polypropylene cap is autoclavable and comes with two 15.24 cm stainless…

  • Socorex Dosys Syringes


    …vent cannulas, a set of spare valves, and operating instructions. To accommodate a wide range of filling operations, the Socorex Self-Refilling Syringes come with a variety of useful accessories, including a blunt-end cannula with Luer lock, long and short chrome-plated intake/air vent cannula, a…

  • Smiths Medical Portex® Cuffed D.I.C.® Tracheostomy Tubes

    Body Support Systems

    Designed with a disposable inner cannula which facilitates both patient care and helps reduce the possibility of post-procedural infection. Built-in 15mm ISO termination for easy ventilator circuit attachment with or without inner cannula in place. Available in five adult sizes, uncuffed, cuffed,…

  • Smiths Medical Portex® Uncuffed D.I.C.® Tracheostomy Tubes

    Smiths Medical ASD, Inc.

    cannula which facilitates both patient care and helps reduce the possibility of post-procedural infection. Designed as a one-piece outer tube, the 15mm ISO termination is a permanent part of the tube. Built-in 15mm ISO termination for easy ventilator circuit attachment with or without inner cannula

  • BD™ Spinal Needles with Quincke Bevel


    Key/Slot arrangement of stylet and cannula hubs facilitates proper needle bevel orientation Unique translucent window hub allows for easy visualization of CSF Specialized fitted stylet reduces tissue coring

  • VACUETTE® QUICKSHIELD Safety Tube Holders

    Greiner Bio-One

    …to its user-friendly functional principle.The safety shield can be activated with one hand and is confirmed with an audible and tangible "click". The cannula is visibly anchored in the protective shield. This product offers straightforward and convenient use coupled with maximum safety.

  • Smiths Medical Optiva™ IV Catheters

    Smiths Medical ASD, Inc.

    …catheter shoulders, thin walled construction, radiopacity and incorporates Ocrilon® polyurethane. The polyurethane is firm upon insertion of the cannula, then softens to conform in the vein. It is a clear, radiopaque polyurethane, allowing for easy flashback visualization. A comparative, randomized…

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