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Branson Accessories
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  • …can be done with any of the following accessories. The trays and baskets are made of stainless steel with holes ranging from 1/8" to 1/4" dia. Small parts can be placed into beakers via use of a beaker cover. The accessories listed fit Branson models 1800 thru 8800 and 1510 thru 8510.

  • …Step Titanium Micro Tip (9655V30, V35, V40) Two-piece unit consisting of coupling section (9655V34) and lower tip (9655V35), for use with Branson ® Model 250 and 450 Cell Disruptors Coupling attaches directly to transducer in place of disruptor horn Usable on small volumes (250…

  • …provided with the SFX Sonifiers. Note: 1218B79 has (4) 1/8" microtips on a 1" center horn. Note: These tips are for use with the Branson 150 watt SFX and SLP Sonifier only. Acoustic Enclosure Although ultrasound is above the audible range of the human ear, mechanical…

  • …auto calibration through front panel. Note: Tank cover: included. For optimum cleaning results it is recommended to purchase the appropriate Bransonic® accessory best suited for your application needs. Branson offers perforated trays, solid trays, beaker covers, support racks.

  • The support stand with stainless steel rod accommodates Branson’s converter and accessories. The converter clamp supports the ultrasonic stack (converter and horn) and is easily adjusted to properly position the horn in the sample. The stand features a black enameled cast-iron base with…

  • … JEWELRY: The Model B200 ultrasonic cleaner, when used with Branson's Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate, is all you need to clean jewelry items such as gold, gemstones, platinum, rings, and watch bands. Branson's Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate is a specialized, biodegradable, phosphate-free…

  • The Temperature Probe accessory is a must-have for monitoring the temperature of sensitive samples. Simply plug the probe into the back of your Sonifier® , and position its tip at the desired depth within your sample. With Branson’s industry-exclusive True Temperature Control, the SFX…

  • …3/4” Solid 1” Disruptor Horn (9655S90) For use with Branson Models SFX450 & 450 Sonifiers Of titanium, stepped; tip diameter: 1” Solid Not usable with accessory chambers Cup Horns (9655T55 to T60) For use with SFX450, 450…

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