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  • Acrylic Glove Box Holders

    Heathrow Scientific

    …easy reach Constructed of tough, clear acrylic to see size and material of gloves. Free up benchtop space by mounting holders for easy dispensing of gloves. Each holder includes a polyester foam insert to securely hold a range of glove box sizes. Fit ensures easy removal of gloves. Choose…

  • Glove Box Acrylic Dispensers

    National Marker (NMC)

    Clear acrylic dispensers available in 3 convenient sizes. Choose from either single, double or triple units.

  • Hinged covered boxes with see-through lid for dust protection and color coding Protection for Pasteur pipets and bulbs

  • Acrylic Parafilm Dispenser

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Acrylic Holds one standard box or roll of 4-in. (102mm) Parafilm* or two 2-in. (51-mm) rolls securely for easy dispensing. Channeled front allows for cutting Parafilm. Storage for blade included but blade is not included.

  • Equilateral Acrylic Prism

    GSC International, Inc.

    These prisms are made from optically-clear acrylic. They have an equilateral triangle shape (25mm edges), and are boxed individually. PRODUCT WARNINGS WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including ethyl acrylate, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer,…

  • …Technologies CleanCut™ acrylics is a range of clean line storage solutions perfect for laboratory organization. Made of clear durable acrylic, these holders offer versatility while providing space-saving storage. All mounting accessories included. Glove Box Holders -   Heat-bent…

  • Ear Plug Acrylic Dispensers

    National Marker (NMC)

    Draw attention with safety green front pocket and top. Dispenser holds over 100 pairs of earplugs. Economical and simple way to hold an entire box of earplugs with ease. Tray features front lip to keep earplugs in place.

  • …sleek profile. Removable acrylic face allows for media to be inserted into unit for display purposes. Eco-friendly LED technology saves on energy consumption and is time tested in all Gagne LED light boxes Components are CE, RoHS allowing our light boxes to be used in any country …

  • Acrylic Demo Lens

    United Scientific Supplies

    The set contains 6 acrylic lenses: one each of double convex, plano-convex, concavo-convex, double concave, plano-concave, and convexo-concave. Includes an activity guide and a reusable cardboard storage box.

  • Set of 6 Acrylic Prisms

    United Scientific Supplies

    Boxed set of High Quality Acrylic Prisms, made from clear acrylic sheet, all sides polished. The set consists of sic prisms in a variety of shapes, and an activity guide. Includes: 1 Rectangular block, 1 Semi-circle, 1 Equilateral prism, 1 Double convex lens, and 2 Double concave lenses.

  • …of durable PVC. Comes in multiple acrylic door colors. 8 shelves (4 on each side) Holds suture boxes at a secure 45 degree angle Bright white PVC plastic & acrylic construction Large bulk storage compartment Spring loaded hinged acrylic door 4 swivel casters; 2 with brakes…

  • Safety Goggles Box

    United Scientific Supplies

    Store goggles, glasses, or other small lab products using the clear box. It can be used on a desktop or can be mounted on a wall. Includes a lid to keep the box free of dust or contamination.

  • Stores radioactive materials such as P-32, S-35 and C-14. Hinged lid with a hasp is provided for locking. Made of 9.5mm clear acrylic. Dimensions: 25.4 x 15.24 x 17.8cmH I.D. Complies with USNRC Rules and Regulations. Lock and cable or chain not included.

  • Size: 15 3/8 in. × 11 1/2 in. × 4 1/2 in. General Description Clear acrylic front allows for quick identification of glove type and size.

  • Designed to hold boxes of exam gloves and keep them up and away from work surfaces Clear 1/8" clean acrylic-easy to read through and see the size & style of the gloves Mounts to the wall with screws - wall anchors provided Size is: 10.25" w x 15" h x 3.5" d

  • Pipette Tip Disposal Box

    Heathrow Scientific

    …easy Eliminates any need to handle pipet tips used with hazardous fluids. Convenient for one-handed disposal of used pipet tips. The 3/8" (10 mm) thick acrylic provides protection from Beta radiation. The large, hinged lid allows easy disposal of contents. Measures 154 x 171 x 206 mm.

  • …(17-1/2") square. Call Bel-Art Products for other custom sizes or wall thicknesses. Small and portable 6.35mm (1/4") transparent acrylic construction Includes large gasketed door on side of unit Features two 20.32cm (8") glove ports compatible with standard glove box gloves

  • Wire Glove Box Holders

    Heathrow Scientific

    …of gloves. Clear acrylic holders include a polyester foam insert to securely hold a range of glove box sizes – snug fit ensures easy removal of gloves. Sturdy, epoxy-coated steel wire racks are an economical solution. All holders fit most major brands of boxes. Mounting screws included.

  • Nitrogen Dry Box


    …moveable from lab to lab. The box features two vacuum pressure pumps, one each for transfer chamber and drying train. The train includes polycarbonate canisters containing DesiSphere™. Other features include a formed one-piece clear acrylic top with a matching die molded thermoset…

  • Designed to dispense ear-loop face masks Clear, clean acrylic or PETG Mounts to the wall or can be free-standing Flame polished edges for smoothness Acrylic or PETG dimensions are: 9" w x 7.5" h x 5.5" d and 1/4" thick What is PETG? If your Cleanroom Standard Operating…

  • …Unit Ideal for Quick Set-up Anywhere Lightweight, self-contained portable isolation cabinet Protects operator and environment Large acrylic window with 6" circular glove ports 8" side port allows easy insertion of material and equipment Large, 22" long (20" installed) neoprene…

  • …"starter" glove boxes upon which many accessories can be attached allowing for specific research projects. These units are compact, portable, light weight, and can be easily moved from lab to lab. Features Formed one piece clear acrylic top section with rounded…

  • … 3/8” thick clear acrylic construction with 3/8” thick bright white acrylic bottom Hinged Front Door with oval polypropylene glove ports and door lock hasp White Hypalon™ Gloves Closed-Loop Double HEPA Filtration Package Two clear acrylic square transfer chambers.…

  • …cleanroom packaging, wafer shipping boxes and bags. Specially formulated adhesive leaves no residue or ghosting on plastic boxes, even after prolonged storage. Extremely low levels of metals, halogens, and outgassing. Backing: Polyethylene Adhesive: Acrylic Thickness: 5.5 +/-0.7 mil …

  • …for Floor Model Glass Disposal Boxes Holders for Disposal Boxes Provide extra protection for disposal boxes with our acrylic disposal box holders. When box is full, top and center shield remove easily, while sturdy bottom tray stays in place to protect box during transport to disposal…

  • … Nebulizer One touch, on-screen datalogging Main chamber formed of one piece clear acrylic material This glove box accurately maintains temperature and humidity (Rh) inside a roomy, single station glove box.  Unit includes: vacuum capable transfer chamber, one-piece Hypalon gloves, large…

  • Create a file system for your slide boxes Storage racks make organization of your samples easy. The clear acrylic construction allows you to see the labels on the slide boxes. Place boxes in rows or columns by color to create an easy coding system. Each rack holds up to 15 slide boxes.

  • Plastic Glove Boxes

    Sapphire Cleanrooms

    Sapphire Plastic Gloveboxes are available in four materials: Acrylic, Static-Dissipative PVC (ESD safe), Non-dissipative PVC, chemical resistant Polypropylene. Our laboratory glove boxes provide a controlled atmosphere, particle free, low humidity and oxygen free environment. Nitrogen…

  • Lab Tissue Dispenser, Small (1212V42) Product Dimensions (l x w x h) : 5x5.125x3.375in For small Kimwipe boxes. Acrylic clear holder adds extra weight for one-hand dispensing of Tissue Wipes. Wall or bench mount with either two strips of double sided tape or mounting screws (not…

  • Convection of Gases Apparatus

    United Scientific Supplies

    This apparatus consists of a metal box (22 x 10 x 11cm), with clear acrylic front panel, two glass chimneys, a candle, and a cotton filled wick as the smoke source. An instruction sheet is also included. Our unit features superior metal box construction, and a shatterproof front panel. Shipping…

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