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25 Ml Pipette
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  • Microlab 600 Dispensers and Diluters


    There are three different dispenser models available all designed to dispense volumes from 100 nL to 50 mL. The Single Syringe Dispenser is ideal for dedicated dispensing applications requiring a single syringe drive. The Dual Syringe Dispenser has two syringe drives for applications such as Animal…

  • Roxy M™ Repeating Pipettor and Universal Fit Roxy M™ Repeating Pipettor Tips

    Bel-Art Products

    …non-sterile tips to offer nearly 60 different volume settings in as many as 48 steps without refilling the syringe tip Includes adapter for use with 25 and 50ml tips (adapter pack also available separately) Maintenance-free; no internal wear-and-tear parts Includes instructions in English,…

  • MACROMAN™ Pipettor Controller


    …MACROMAN handy and ready to use, without risk of contamination Performance For all plastic and glass pipettes from 1 to 100 mL Continuously adjustable speed: 25 mL in 4 seconds Environmentally friendly NiMH battery for 8 hours of operation Precise and smooth dosing button…

  • Sterilin® Single Use Narrow Orifice Serological Pipettes


    Sterilin® single use, serological pipettes are manufactured to stringent quality specifications and made of virgin grade polystyrene. All pipettes have the following features: Gamma irradiated to ensure sterility and certified non-pyrogenic with an endotoxin level of below 0.25EU/ml Batch…

  • Dispenser Syringe Tips for Repeater Pipettes

    Globe Scientific

    …sizes is made of durable polypropylene with a polyethylene inner plunger. Each dispenser tip may be used to dispense five different repetitive sample volumes. Dispenser tips are conveniently offered in packages of 100. The 25mL and 50mL sizes come complete with four reusable, autoclavable adapters.

  • Chemistry Labware Kit

    United Scientific Supplies

    … [6] Dropping Pipettes, Plastic [1] Beaker, Glass, 50 ml [1] Beaker, Glass, 100 ml [1] Beaker, Glass, 250 ml [1] Evaporating Dish, Porcelain, 70 mm dia [6] Stirring Rods, Glass, 8” [1] Erlenmeyer Flask, Glass, 125 ml [1] Erlenmeyer Flask, Glass, 250 ml [6] Test Tubes,…

  • FastPette™ V2 Pipette Controllers


    Designed for cordless work with glass or plastic pipettes Max. aspiration rate of 25 mL in 4.3 seconds Touch-control of aspiration rate Ergonomic handle Precision valve system The FastPette™ features high and low aspiration speeds and gravity or pump-supported…

  • Combitips advanced®


    …dispensing Provides protection from radioactive and toxic substances Quick dispensing of long series with precise, repeated dispensing of identical volumes (with Repeater hand dispensers) Assortment Pack 1 of each of the 9 tip volumes and one adapter for the 25 and 50 mL tips

  • Omega Zen™ Pipette Controllers

    Argos Technologies

    …can also operate while recharging, eliminating downtime. Quick and quiet pump fills a 25-mL pipette in 3 seconds Accepts glass or plastic serological pipettes, from 1 to 100 mL Avoid battery depletion with auto shut-off after 5 minutes of inactivity Easily fine tune pipetting…

  • Titratable Total Acidity Mini-Titrator

    Milwaukee Instruments

    …TA, Buffer pH 7.0, Buffer pH 8.2, MA919B/1 pH Electrode, MA831R Temperature probe, MA9011 Refilling Electolyte Solution 3.5M KCl, for pH electrodes 230 mL bottle, small stir bar, 2 x 50 mL beakers, 2000 µL pipette, test tube set, O-ring, 1 mL syringe, power cable and instruction manual.

  • 5mL Screw Cap MACROcentrifuge Tubes

    Globe Scientific

    An efficient and economic alternative to 15mL conical tubes when working with sample volumes between 2.0mL and 5.0mL. With the same diameter and conical shape as a 15mL tube, the shorter 5.0mL macrocentrifuge tubes: Reduce total cost to the lab for purchase and use Reduce…

  • Corning® Step-R™ Repeating Pipettor and Syringe Tips


    … Corning Step-R Starter Pack In order to enable a smooth start, the Corning Step-R Starter Pack is conveniently packaged with a Corning Step-R Repeating Pipettor, 2 syringe tip adapters (25 mL and 50 mL), and 24 syringe tips (0.05 mL, 2.5 mL, 5 mL, 12.5 mL, 25 mL, and 50 mL).

  • 5mL Snap Cap MACROcentrifuge Tubes

    Globe Scientific

    An efficient and economic alternative to 15mL conical tubes when working with sample volumes between 2.0mL and 5.0mL. With the same diameter and conical shape as a 15mL tube, the shorter 5.0mL macrocentrifuge tubes: Reduce total cost to the lab for purchase and use Reduce…

  • Pipette Filling Device

    United Scientific Supplies

    …grip and multiple housing color combinations. A universal silicon collet is provided to accept all standard pipettes up to 100 mL. Internal knurlings on the collet hold the pipette firmly. An in-line membrane filter (0.2 micron filter included) prevents aerosol contamination and prevents liquid…

  • BD Falcon Tissue Culture Flasks, Canted Neck, 250 mL


    Flasks have a 75 cm 2 surface area of optically clear polystyrene Nominal capacity 250 mL Feature a wide canted neck, permitting easy access to corners with either a 10 mL or 25 mL pipette Horizontal and vertical stability provided by a unique horizontal skirt and wide base. Have full scale…

  • Sample Dilution Kit


    …water: 3 mL syringe (A-0063), 5 MiniPets® (10 uL, 25 uL, 50 uL, 100 uL, 200 uL), 30 pipette tips (A-0171), 25 mL sample cup (A-0013), 50 mL sample cup (A-0058) and instructions.  NOTE: Sample dilution is not appropriate for all analytes.  NOTE: Each A-0171 pipette tip is…

  • MLA Macro Pipettors And Tips

    VistaLab Technologies

    …Selectable Volume (7735G25-G40) Similar to 7735F20 series, but with selectable volume 7735G25 graduated from 1-5 mL in 0.5-mL increments; 7735G40 graduated from 2-5 mL in 1-mL increments Accuracy ±1%; reproducibility ±0.5% Without tips, see Thomas number 7735G37 …

  • Growth Promotion Test Suspensions


    …containing 25 or 100 doses (0.1 mL each). Store suspensions under refrigerated conditions 5°C ± 3°C. Growth Promotion Test Suspensions are sold in glass vials with screw-top caps containing a septum. The screw-top cap with septum allows for access using either a pipette or a…

  • CellBind Rectangular Canted Neck Cell Culture Flask


    Helps adapt cells to reduced serum or serum-free conditions 25, 75 or 150 cm 2 sizes 10, 60 or 210 mL maximum working volumes Rectangular canted neck cell culture flasks have been treated with a patented Corning® CellBIND surface treatment for optimal cell attachment.…

  • Thomas Reagent Reservoirs


    Choose from four styles - 25 mL Divided, 25 mL , 50 mL and 100 mL “V” bottom design allows for maximum recovery of reagents Graduated with convenient pouring spouts at all four corners Extra wide base for increased stability Unique “Nesting” feature makes separation of…

  • Tube-O-DIALYZER™


    …format also allows for easy sample loading, as simple as transferring your sample to a microcentrifuge tube. For sample recovery, simply pipette your sample into the Tube-O-DIALYZER™ and seal with the dialysis cap. Dialyze, then centrifuge for five seconds to collect 100% of your sample.…

  • Dual Solution™ Reservoir


    …one. Innovative shape guides and protect pipettor tips Polypropylene solution basin/reagent reservoir has a standard 50 mL basin on one side and 12 individual 5 mL basins on the other side. Wells are angled both downward and outward, guiding multichannel pipettor tips toward a centered…

  • Reagent Reservoirs


    Disposable reagent reservoirs are ideal for dispensing reagents with multichannel pipettes. The Gilson Reagent reservoirs are available in two sizes, 25 mL and 50 mL, standard or sterilized. They meet stringent criteria of reliability and quality. Wide, stable base Angled sides and V-shaped…

  • Venor®GeM qEP Mycoplasma Detection Kits

    Minerva Biolabs

    …mycoplasma species Required Lab Devices qPCR cycler with FAM™ and HEX™ filter variable microliter pipettes benchtop centrifuge for 1.5 ml reaction tubes Shelf Life and Storage Components can be stored at +2 to +8°C for at least 12 months. After…

  • Ion Selective Electrodes


    …electrodes are ideal for clean water applications. Use double-junction electrodes for testing dirty water and solutions with heavy metals or organics. All electrodes are refillable and include 15 mL of electrolyte and a filling pipette. Solid-state electrodes also include polishing strips.

  • NucleasEliminator™


    …laboratory bench ranging from glassware, microcentrifuge tubes, pipette tips and electrophoresis units. NucleasEliminator™ is supplied as a ready-to-use liquid. A 100 ml bottle will treat up to 100 microcentrifuge tubes or 25 casting trays for agarose electrophoresis. AMRESCO’s…

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