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  • Quinhydrone, 97.0%

    GFS Chemicals

    C12H11O4 CAS#: 106-34-3 F.W.: 218.21

  • Vitamin D3, 99%

    BeanTown Chemical

    CAS: 67-97-0 EC No: 200-673-2 MDL No: MFCD00078131 RTECS: VS2900000 UN No: UN2811; Haz Class: 6.1; Packing Group: II Powder Molecular Formula: C27H44O MW: 384.65 Melting Point: 83-86°

  • Quercetin

    Cayman Chemical

    A flavonoid compound found in the bark and rinds of many plants and fruits.

  • Lead Acetate Cotton, StandARd®

    Avantor - Macron Fine Chemicals™

    For Arsenic IMO 6.1:1616 HTS Number 2915295000

  • DPPH

    Cayman Chemical

    A cell-permeable, stable free radical that is commonly used to evaluate the ability of compounds to act as free radical scavengers or hydrogen donors and to measure the antioxidant activity of tissue extracts; followed by color change from purple (absorbance at 515-528 nm) to yellow.

  • Thiourea Reagent (ACS)

    GFS Chemicals

    Masking and colorimetric reagent for various metal ions. Precipitation reagent for lead, cadmium, selenium, bismuth and tellurium.

  • (N-Serve®) Analytical Grade, CAS No. 1929-82-4. C6H3Cl4N, FW = 230.9. Nitrification inhibitor for BOD determination. For a prepared formula that is water soluble, see Nitrification Inhibitor.

  • Indole-3-Butyric Acid

    MP Biomedicals

    Indole-3-butyric acid is used as plant growth hormone. A naturally occurring phytohormone auxin (plant growth regulator). Promotes root formation in cuttings, but does not affect ethylene levels.

  • CAS: 1898-66-4 EC No: 217-591-8 MDL No: MFCD00007231 UN No: UN2811; Haz Class: 6.1; Packing Group: II Powder Molecular Formula: C18H12N5O6 MW: 394.32 Melting Point: 135° (decomposes)

  • Chemical Formula: C46H50N4 * 2 C2HO4 * C2H2O4 Hill Formula: C52H54N4O12 CAS Number: 2437-29-8 …

  • Colcemid

    Cayman Chemical

    A colchicine derivative that inhibits tubulin polymerization (IC50 = 2.1 μM) with low toxicity; suppresses microtubule dynamicity, inhibits cell migration, blocks microtubule assembly, and arrests cells in metaphase; used to synchronize cells and for karyotyping in cytogenetic studies.

  • CAS: 5144-89-8 EC No: 200-629-2 MDL No: MFCD00011678 RTECS: SF8437000 UN No: UN2811; Haz Class: 6.1; Packing Group: III Crystalline Molecular Formula: C12H8N2·H2O MW: 198.22 Melting Point: 100-104°

  • Colistin (sulfate)

    Cayman Chemical

    A polypeptide antibiotic effective against Gram-negative bacteria, including P. aeruginosa, A. baumannii, and K. pneumoniae.

  • Sodium tetraphenylborate, 99%

    BeanTown Chemical

    CAS: 143-66-8 EC No: 205-605-5 MDL No: MFCD00011494 RTECS: ED3362500 UN No: UN2811; Haz Class: 6.1; Packing Group: III Solid Linear Formula: (C6H5)4BNa MW: 342.23 Melting Point: >300°

  • Brefeldin A

    Cayman Chemical

    A natural fungal metabolite which reversibly interferes with protein trafficking and secretion mediated by the Golgi apparatus and endoplasmic reticulum; directly and reversibly inhibits Sec7 domain-containing GEFs which are necessary for Arf activation associated with vesicular transport (IC50 =…

  • Amlodipine

    Cayman Chemical

    A dihydropyridine L-type calcium channel blocker that selectively inhibits calcium influx in cardiac and vascular smooth muscle; inhibits calcium-induced contractions in depolarized rat aorta (IC50 = 1.9 nM), displaying a slow rate of association and dissociation in isolated vascular and…

  • Synonyms: Thiosinamine Hill Formula: C4H8N2S CAS Number: 109-57-9 UN Number: UN2811

  • Calcitriol

    Cayman Chemical

    Calcitriol is synthesized from 7-dehydrocholesterol in humans via a non-enzymatic photochemical reaction with 290-310 nm UV light in the skin. Hydroxylation of the resulting cholecalciferol in the liver produces 25-hydroxy Vitamin D3, the principal circulating form of Vitamin D. A second, tightly…

  • Cycloheximide is an antibiotic which is very active against many molds, yeasts, and phytopathogenic fungi. Inhibits peptide synthesis in eukaryotic organisms Used in protein synthesis in apoptosis Study of disease resistance in plant research Cycloheximide (CHX) is an antibiotic…

  • Haloperidol

    Cayman Chemical

    A butyrophenone derivative which is used in the treatment of schizophrenia and delirium; binds to the dopamine D2 receptor (Ki = 0.1 nM), antagonizing dopamine signaling.

  • 6-Gingerol

    Cayman Chemical

    A natural chemical found in fresh ginger that activates TRPV1 (EC50 = 3.3 µM) as well as the TRP ankyrin receptor TRPA1 (EC50 = 10.4 µM).

  • Formula: Mixture Formula Weight: N/A CAS Number: Synonym(s): LEB Description: Typical Composition (g/L): Peptone from casein 17.0; peptone from soymeal 3.0; D(+)glucose 2.5; sodium chloride 5.0; di-potassium hydrogen phosphate 2.5; yeast extract 6.0; acriflavine 0.015;…

  • Iodoacetamide

    MP Biomedicals

    Iodoacetamide is a thiol reagent; alkylating reagent for cysteine and histidine residues in proteins. In the alkylation reaction, it reacts with histidine (such as in RNase), methionine and sulfhydryl groups of many proteins. Iodoacetamide can react with low molecular weight thiol compounds such as…

  • CAS: 57-87-4 EC No: 200-352-7 MDL No: MFCD00003623 UN No: UN2811; Haz Class: 6.1; Packing Group: II Solid Molecular Formula: C28H44O·xH2O MW: 396.65 (anhydrous)

  • Rivastigmine (tartrate)

    Cayman Chemical

    An irreversible inhibitor of AChE (IC50 = 4.15 µM) and BuChE (IC50 = 37 nM); used in modifying the course of neurodegenerative diseases.

  • 1,3-Di-o-tolylguanidine, 99%

    BeanTown Chemical

    CAS: 97-39-2 EC No: 202-577-6 MDL No: MFCD00008513 RTECS: MF1400000 UN No: UN2811; Haz Class: 6.1; Packing Group: III Solid Molecular Formula: C15H17N3 MW: 239.32 Melting Point: 176-178°

  • ClC6H3(NH2)2 CAS#: 95-83-0 F.W.: 142.59

  • p-Toluensulfonyl semicarbazide

    BeanTown Chemical

    CAS: 10396-10-8 EC No: 233-857-6 MDL No: MFCD00072243 UN No: UN2811; Haz Class: 6.1; Packing Group: III Powder Molecular Formula: C8H11N3O3S MW: 229.26 Density (g/mL): 1.381

  • CAS: 54396-44-0 EC No: 259-145-5 MDL No: MFCD00153216 UN No: UN2811; Haz Class: 6.1; Packing Group: III Solid Molecular Formula: C8H8F3N MW: 175.15 Melting Point: 38-42° Flash Point: 96°C (205°F)

  • Baclofen

    LKT Labs

    Baclofen is a GABA derivative that acts as an agonist at GABA-B receptors; it is commonly used in animal models to examine the effects of GABAergic neurotransmission in a variety of fields, including substance dependence, spasticity, pain, and feeding behavior. Baclofen exhibits analgesic,…

  • Capsaicin

    Cayman Chemical

    The primary active component of the heat and pain-eliciting lipid-soluble fraction of the Capsicum pepper and present in natural hot pepper extracts; elicits a sensation of burning pain by activation of TRPV1 on small, non-myelinated polymodal C-type nociceptive nerve fibers and has been widely…

  • Aminophylline is a non-selective adenosine receptor antagonist and phosphodiesterase (PDE) inhibitor. Aminophylline exhibits vasodilatory and anti-inflammatory activity and is occasionally clinically used to treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD). In animal models of allergen-induced…

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