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  • PMB Moisture Analyzers

    Adam Equipment

    The PMB’s fast response time and easy-to-use functionality make it the ideal moisture analyzer for a range of different applications. The automatic test setting function lets you quickly run multiple tests without additional user input and the built-in memories lets you store that data…

  • TS-M Series Moisture Analyzers

    labForce® (powered by Thomas Scientific)

    Highest-level functionality for professional drying processes and moisture content analysis Versatility of Applications The demanding requirements of Thomas Scientific customers has resulted in 3 different models of moisture analyzers. The TS-M is designed to enable the most complex…

  • The MA160 uses the thermogravimetric method to determine the moisture content of liquid, pasty and solid substances – conveniently, reliably and in a minimum of time. It delivers prompt, repeatable results and supports the development of new methods. High speed measurements Fast…

  • Moisture Analysis Made Simple and Powerful The MB120 delivers functionality and precision that you can rely on, and is easy to operate and clean—you can test more samples in less time! Advanced features such as a temperature guide help to analyze optimum drying temperature, and methods…

  • Combining Speed and Precision in One Moisture Analyzer –Test More Samples in Less Time Measuring moisture content has never been easier than with the MB90 Moisture Analyzer. The MB90’s halogen heating distributes heat uniformly over the sample and speeds up the drying…

Compare Tool

Select up to 3 products