Lab Watch Glasses

Lab watch glasses are essential tools in science, primarily used to cover beakers, flasks, and other laboratory vessels to prevent contamination and reduce evaporation.

These lab watch glasses are crafted from high-quality glass or plastic, ensuring durability and chemical resistance. Their slightly concave shape allows for easy placement on lab containers, offering a secure fit to maintain a controlled environment. Key features include heat resistance, which supports their use in applications involving mild heat, and clarity for unobstructed observation of contents.

The benefits of using lab watch glasses in a laboratory setting include improved safety by minimizing the risk of spills and splashes, and the preservation of sample integrity by protecting against external contaminants. These glasses are a great addition in any laboratory, contributing to precise and safe experimental procedures.

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Watch Glasses

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  • GSC International, Inc.

    Our borosilicate Watch Glasses have fire-polished edges and a concave shape. They have many uses in the lab, such as covering jars to prevent contamination, preventing direct contact with heat, acting as an evaporation surface, and more. PRODUCT WARNINGS WARNING: This product can…

  • Walter Stern

    Concave Clear Annealed Glass Covers Used To Return Condensation to beakers Fired-Polished Edges

  • United Scientific Supplies

    For covering boiling solutions Fire-polished edges concave shape Can be used on funnels, dishes and jars

  • STURDY GLASS Concave beaker covers (also known as watch glasses) made with quality glass. Each cover features ground edges & polished surfaces for safe handling. The 2.0mm glass thick construction resists shattering 12 PACK Set includes twelve covers VARIETY OF USES Can be used…

  • Environmental Express

    41mm ribbed watch glass fits all 50mL digestion vessels. Polypropylene construction is naturally free of contaminants. Ribbed design allows partial reflux during digestion. Watch glass has a center stem to aid in handling. Pack of 1000 caps.

  • These PYREX® watch glasses are designed to fit PYREX® beakers. They possess high chemical durability, thus preventing contamination of solutions. They are molded to the same radius of curvature for convenient stacking. The heavy wall and uniform fire-polished edge provide mechanical…

  • Dynalon

    Product Dimensions (l x w x h) : 0x2.354x0.366in Watch Glass. Polypropylene . 60 mm diameter. Provided with a stable base and made of chemically resistant polypropylene. Will withstand temperatures up to 120ºC. May also be used as beaker covers.

  • DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Concave circular glass used as an evaporation surface for liquids, to cover beakers, or to hold solids when being weighed. Fire-polished edge 1.2 mm minimum thickness Diameter tolerance ±1 mm Manufactured from 90 expansion soda-lime glass conforming to USP Type III requirements

  • Borosil® Watch Glasses (S-Line) are made of soda glass and each is molded to the same radius of curvature for convenient stacking. The watch glasses are high clarity and free of bubbles. A special process is used that results in an ideal flat curved surface. Avail. in capacity of 80ml…

  • Meets EPA requirements for methods 3005, 3010, 3020 Fast, easy clean-up Save time, trouble and expense! No need to spend extra time and money having cane sealed to regular watch glasses in order to meet EPA specifications. 100% reliable molded-in ribs cannot pop off, eliminating the need to make…

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    Saint Gobain

    Chemware® Teflon® TFE Unbreakable in oridinary use Surface is not wetted by water and is nonadherent to most materials Smooth finish resists contamination Can be used at temperatures from -265 to 315°C. Listings indicate watch glass diameter.

  • Thermo Scientific Capitol Vial

  • Unique ribbed watch glasses are designed to fit DigiTUBEs (catalog number 010-500-261) and Teflon® tubes (catalog number 010-500-066) to help promote gentle refluxing. Manufactured using virgin polypropylene with ultra low metal content.

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    United Scientific Supplies

    Made from soda lime glass (1.8 mm thick), fine ground and flame polished edges.

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