Lab Tape

Lab tape can provide an easy and convenient way to ensure organization with labeling, marking, and securing samples.
Identification and labeling are essential in the lab, and colored lab tape is ideal for identifying containers, equipment, and samples.
Autoclave indicator tape can withstand the high temperatures and pressures of autoclaving. Tape is also a sterilization indicator and may change color to show sterilization has been successful.
Some tape options are designed to resist exposure to heat, chemicals, and solvents and can ensure the tape is functional under harsh conditions.
Lab tape can be easily applied and removed without leaving a residue on surfaces and is ideal for a temporary marker during experiments, procedures, and setup changes.
Lab tape can also be used as a sealant — secure containers, bags, and tubes to prevent contamination of samples and maintain the integrity of the contents.

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  • Vinyl-covered paper tapes, backed with self-sticking, bacteriostatic adhesive Can be marked with pencil, pen or ball-point; helpful for coding of samples, etc. Tape adheres to glass, metals, polyethylene, Teflon®, wax, rubber, paper and cloth Can withstand temperatures from -55° to 120°C …

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    UltraTape 1114 / 0114 is a low adhesion, removable, highly conformable tape designed for cleanroom packaging and in-process work. Its high cleanliness, low outgassing, lack of residue, and excellent ability to conform to surfaces make it ideal for a wi

  • UltraTape's high tack 1153 tape is ideal for any cleanroom construction application that requires a strong bond. This high adhesion, polyethylene tape is residue-free, easy to tear, and can be written on with a pen. It is offered in a variety of colors including our unique Protocol Tape version…

  • UltraTape 7160 is a medium adhesion tape able to withstand 273° F (134° C) for +30 minutes. Medium adhesion vinyl tape is writable with a ball point pen. Vinyl tape is used for product labeling, color coding, and bag sealing during the autoclave proces

  • Extremely durable ToughStripe® die-cut floor marking arrows are made of rugged polyester with ultra-aggressive adhesive and hold up against forklift traffic. Visible floor marking improves safety and organization in almost any industrial environment. High-gloss surface shines like new paint and…

  • UltraTape 6570 is a high temperature clear polyester cleanroom tape. It bonds quickly to most surfaces including metal, glass, plastics, and cleanroom paper, and removes cleanly without residue even after elevated temperature cycles. High temperature m

  • UltraTape 1310 is designed to provide maximum protection to surfaces such as stainless steel, glass, aluminum coated metal and plastics while allowing for easy clean removal. That is designed for cleanroom use. Protect surfaces during processing, stora

  • Nev’s Ink, Inc. Brand Labeling Tape is strong, durable, oil resistant, waterproof, and acid resistant. It can withstand temperatures from -23 to +121 degrees Celsius. (-10 to +250 degrees Fahrenheit.) Our Tape can be written on with pen, pencil, or permanent marker. Tape will stick to most…

  • Continuous tamper-evident cryogenic tape for sealing containers and other items. Will tear into pieces upon attempt to remove. Capable of withstanding cryogenic storage environments. For dry ice, freezer and liquid nitrogen use (as low as -196ºC). Water-proof. Tapes can be printed with all…

  • UltraTape's 1530 / 0530 is a removable double sided tape with a polypropylene liner design for easy cleanroom use. Repositional. Temporary mounting. No adhesive residue when removed from most surfaces. Cleanroom certified.

  • UltraTape 1315/0315 is a cleanroom tape designed to provide maximum protection to surfaces such as stainless steel, glass, aluminum, coated metal and plastics while allowing for easy, clean removal

  • Dispenser and labeling tape kits include one multi-roll tape dispenser and 14 rolls of tape; 2 rolls of each color (white, yellow, green, red, orange, blue and lavender), either 3/4 or 1 inch wide.

  • Write-On™ Multi-Roll Label Tape Dispenser - Benchtop Bench top dispenser holds up to 7 rolls of 1/2-inch wide labeling tape with a 25mm or 75mm (1 and 3 inch) core diameter. Write-On Label Tape is available in 5 colors and 3 widths, 1/2, 3/4 and 1 inch. Differing widths and diameter…

  • UltraTape 0425/4425 Glass marking/hazard warning tape specially created for glass flooring and tiles. Designed with adhesive on the print side so that it can be viewed under glass flooring.

  • UltraTape's 1410 / 0140 is a permanent double sided foam cleanroom tape. The closed cell polyethylene foam is flexible to conform to uneven surfaces, and its strong adhesive makes it ideal for cleanroom construction and mounting.

  • Tough polypropylene backing resists tears and splits. Seal a carton in one pass with 3" wide rolls. Hot melt adhesive. Smooth, easy release. Popular economical choice. For use with case sealers only

  • Teflon (PTFE) high temperature tape with silicone adhesive. Used in electrical applications such as coil wraps, separators, transformers, slot liners and harness wrapping where good insulation and heat resistant properties are needed.

  • UltraTape 1310 is designed to provide maximum protection to surfaces such as stainless steel, glass, aluminum coated metal and plastics while allowing for easy clean removal. That is designed for cleanroom use. Protect surfaces during processing, stora

  • UltraTape 6573 is a polyester film with low adhesion, pressure sensitive, silicone adhesive that provides outstanding tensile strength and thermal endurance at elevated temperatures up to 450° F.

  • UltraTape 7158 is a latex-free, lead-free high tensile, premium grade, saturated crepe paper with a tinted stripe of color changing ink that produces a dramatic color change upon autoclave process completion. Autoclavable steam indicator paper is desig

  • Highly durable floor marking tape designed to withstand high traffic and frequent cleaning. Application: For Class 1 (ISO class 3) to Class 1, 000 (ISO Class 6) Cleanrooms

  • UltraTape 4422/0422 are non-adhesive caution barricade tapes made with polyethylene film on plastic cores and printed with easy-to-read letters. UltraTape 4422/0422 is a red and black barrier tape printed with "DANGER DO NOT ENTER." These barrier tapes

  • New Brunswick Scientific

    Eppendorf™ Sticky Tape is an alternative to flask clamps for securing vessels to a shaker platform. Ideal for bottles and dishes or containers that cannot be held with conventional flask clamps Tape can be used at speeds of up to 200 to 300 rpm depending on flask size, orbit…

  • Highly conformable vinyl tape used for wrapping vacuum system glassware, Dewar flasks, etc., to reduce injury from implosions Used also for color coding or on ball mill containers Tapes withstand heavy abrasion and are resistant to most common solvents. They are subject to attack by…

  • GA International

    This ultra-thin laminate provides excellent protection against most chemicals and reagents. Can be used for long-term storage in liquid and vapor phase liquid nitrogen or ultra-low temperature freezers (as low as-196°C). Resistant to dry ice, boiling water, multiple freeze-thaw cycles and other…

  • UltraTape Critical environment labels are specifically designed for use in semiconductor, data storage, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical cleanrooms.

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    Diversified Biotech

    Printed diagonal stripes darken indicating a steam autoclave process is complete. Stripes darken after 5 minutes of exposure at 273°F (134°C) at steam pressure of 1.02 kg/cm 2 .

  • Micronova Manufacturing

    EZT Construction Tape is a high tack polyethylene tape with a rubber adhesive. The aggressive adhesive easily bonds different mediums, such as plastic and concrete or stainless steel. The unique serrated edge allows and easy tear at any length where blades and dispensers are not available. Roll…

  • Electron Microscopy Sciences

    Lightweight and easy to use. Hand dispenser holds 500" tape rolls. They are made from durable plastic that can be reused many times with a safety cutting edge that protects fingers

  • The 3M™ high performance vinyl tape of 5.2 mil thickness, is mainly used for insulation of electrical wires. This yellow colored tape withstands temperature of up to 40 to 170 degree F.

  • UltraTape 1164 / 0164 is an ultra low outgassing no residue cleanroom tape. Featuring a polyolefin backing and acrylic adhesive, 1164 is one of the cleanest tapes available in terms of metal content, outgassing and residue.

  • UltraTape 1160 is a general use vinyl tape. The medium adhesion provides a strong bond and easy release making it perfect for maintenance and construction uses.

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