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  • Features and Benefits: Bold dual graduations: 140mL in 5mL increments and 5 oz, in 1/4 oz. increments Autoclavable Latex Free  

  • Features: Polypropylene barrel and plunger rod Not manufactured with DEHP or natural rubber latex Non-sterile, bulk packaged

  • Features: •   Sterile, single-use and bulk packaged syringes for pre-filling and batch filling procedures •   Not manufactured with DEHP or natural rubber latex

  • Monoject™ Tuberculin Syringes are available with both permanent and detachable needles. They are sterile, latex free, single-use, and packaged in either rigid or soft pack. Features Ultra comfort, anti-coring needle Graduations: 0.01 mL and 0.5 Sterile and latex free …

  • Monoject™ Syringes are available sterile or non-sterile, in 1, 3, 6, 10, 12, 20, 35, 60 or 140 mL sizes, with several different tip designs for convenience.  Features: •  Polypropylene barrel and plunger rod •  Graduated barrel markings …

  • Needles “pre-attached” to syringes Needle-based safety technology Intuitive, one-handed activation Bevel orientation, so that if safety shield is up, the needle bevel is up Self-leveling needle sheath Low dead space

  • Rigid Pack Insulin Syringes - Sterile Rigid pack packaging Permanently attached needle Low dead space For U-100 Insulin May be autoclaved or gas sterilized for use in O.R./procedure packs SoftPack Insulin Syringes - Sterile Soft pack packaging Permanently…

  • Monoject™ 35mL syringes are sterile, single-use, individually packaged in either 100% recyclable rigid packaging or soft pack. Available with different tip styles for convenience.

  • Sterile, single-use, autoclavable (8941B14-8941B44) Syringes do not include needle Heat-staked, tamper-evident cap assures sterility Bold, easy-to-read graduations Positive plunger stop and three-piece rigid pack Translucent, color-coded hub shows blood flashback …

  • Sterile, single-use, individually packaged syringe without needle; polypropylene barrel and plunger rod, latex-free plunger tip; several available tip designs; graduated barrel markings.

  • Monoject™ Hypodermic Needles are available as needle only or needle  and syringe combinations Features: • Stainless steel lubricated cannula • Color-coded needle hub • Not manufactured with DEHP or natural rubber latex • Sterile,…

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Select up to 3 products