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  • The full-size disarticulated human skeleton is labeled to help you study the anatomy of the human skeleton.  The separated bones are represented in high detail and the labeled parts correspond to a learning guide.  One hand and one foot are wired together, while the opposite hand and foot…

  • Our model of the female internal reproductive organ is coronally sectioned to reveal the important internal structures of the vagina, cervix & cervical canal, and fallopian tubes with ovaries. One ovary is opened to display representations of corpus luteum & albicans, and a mature follicle.

  • This life-size colored skull model comes with an instruction manual that corresponds to the 12 different colors, making it easy to learn the location and relationship of the structures of the human skull. The skull model is highly detailed with representations of the fissures, foramina, processes,…

  • Leaf Structure Model

    Walter Products

    Magnified 45 times from a lima bean leaf, this plastic model vividly shows the transverse and longitudinal sections as well as the upper and lower epidermis. The mesophyll includes palisada parenchyma and spongy parenchyma. The surfaces display stoma and guard cells. Also shown are details of…

  • Blood Cell Model

    Walter Products

    Blood cell model enlarged 2000 times and mounted on a board.  This model shows the red blood cells, white blood cells (neutrophils, eosinophils, basophils, lymphocytes and monocytes) and blood platelets.  Detailed manual included, as well as one human blood smear slide for further study. 

  • Bone Structure Model

    Walter Products

    This bone structure model is enlarged 80x and demonstrates a section of a lemallar bone, along with the normal structure of a tubular bone. This extremely detailed model utilizes cross and longitudinal sections through all of the levels of bone to demonstrate the individual bone components.…

  • This full-size human skeleton is a great instructional aid for teaching anatomy. Bones are cast individually from naturally colored plastic with anatomical detail. The arms and legs can be manipulated to demonstrate natural movement around the joints or removed for closer study. The skull…

  • Human Torso Models

    Walter Products

    Sexless Human Torso, 17 Part This 17 part sexless life-size human torso is appropriate for use in any classroom.  This classic torso shows the major body systems in detail and are numbered, which can be identified using the accompanying key card.  The head is opened, exposing one half…

  • Heart Models

    Walter Products

    Life-Size Heart Model (Item No. B10405A) This full sized heart can be removed from its base and split into 2 parts to view the chambers, valves, and major vessels. Labeled diagram included. Heart Model This human heart model, which is about 2X the natural size, is perfect for anatomy…

  • Hip Joint Model

    Walter Products

    This life-size model depicts the detailed anatomy of the human hip joint. This model depicts the ball-and-socket joint with a portion of the femur and complete hip bone. Also shown are the surrounding joint ligaments. Dimensions: 6" x 7.25" x 11.25"

  • Half-Size Skeleton This affordable teaching skeleton is wired for natural movement and highlights a removable skull with the calvarium cut. Mandible hinged with springs allow the examination of TMJ problems. Arms and legs are held on by small screws, making it easy to bend the extremities in all…

  • Human Spinal Models

    Walter Products

    Flexible Spinal Column (Item No. B10209) This spinal column is flexible to show the natural movement of the spine.  It is life size and includes the occipital plate, cervical, thoracic and lumbar vertebrae, sacrum, coccyx, complete pelvis and removable femur heads.  The left side of…

  • Dual-Sex Mini Torso Model

    Walter Products

    This mini torso is approximately 1/2 life size, comes with 16 removable parts and features interchangeable male and female reproductive organs. Much like our life-size torso models, the inner organs are all removable to reveal more intricate details of the major body systems just on a smaller…

  • Stomach Models

    Walter Products

    Stomach Model This two part stomach model is dissected along the medial plane and the front half is removable to show the different and individual layers of the stomach wall. Mounted on a stand with base. Stomach Model, 1.5X Life Size This 1.5X life size model is dissected along…

  • This liver and gall bladder relief model is approximately life-size. Also features the pancreas and duodenum partially opened to reveal details of the digestive tract, including routing of the main pancreatic and hepatic ducts as well as bile ducts. Liver and gallbladder are sectioned to highlight…

  • Large Carrying Case

    Walter Products

    Thick, reinforced, nylon built case that has padded cushioning inside and velcro straps.

  • Lung Model

    Walter Products

    This dual model features a 150X enlarged lung lobule and additionally a 1,000X enlarged alveolus. The lung lobule features representations of the pulmonary arteries & veins, as well as bronchial branches. The alveolus model shows detailed representations of the capillary to pulmonary venules,…

  • Kidney Model, 3X

    Walter Products

    Our kidney model is enlarged 3X life-size making it easy to study the internal kidney structures. This model shows the renal capsule, cortex, medulla, pyramids with papillae, partially dissected renal pelvis, renal calyxes, ureter, blood vessels, and the suprarenal gland. A Corresponding key card…

  • Female Pelvic Skeleton with Organs The pelvic bones and 4th and 5th lumbar vertebrae are easy to identify on this model.  The uterus, rectum, urinary bladder, ligaments and muscles are also shown on this female pelvic skeleton model.  Female Pelvic Skeleton This…

  • Sexless Human Torso Model

    Walter Products

    This 11 part, 50cm sexless human torso shows all the major body systems. Many anatomical features are numbered or lettered, which can be identified using the accompanying key card.

  • Male Pelvis Model (Item No. B10431) Almost life-size, this male pelvis model separates into four parts. Dissection of the left side reveals the internal structures, allowing for in depth study of the male pelvis. Vasculature and urogenital features are shown, while the left testis can be opened…

  • Testis Model

    Walter Products

    This model is 3.5X life-size and shows the human testis in both medial and sagittal sections. The epididymis, ductus deferens, seminiferous tubules and rete testis are shown. Mounted on a stand.

  • Animal Dissection Models

    Walter Products

    Rat Dissection Model Study zoology with this lifelike reproduction of the anatomy of the rat. This 6-part life-size model is dissected to expose the heart, lungs, liver, intestines, and both male and female genital systems. Remove the organs for more detailed learning and examination. …

  • This model consists of two lumbar vertebrae that shows a herniated intervertebral disc with the nucleus pulposus protruding through a weakened section of the outer fibrous ring. It is flexibly mounted with the spinal nerves and spinal cord shown. Dimensions: 4.5" x 4.5" x 4"

  • Human Respiratory System Model This life-size human respiratory system model is mounted on a 11.5" x 16.5" base and is composed of 7 parts including a 2-part larynx dissected along the sagittal plane, 2-part lung dissected along the frontal plane and a 2-part heart. The trachea with…

  • This human skull model is life-sized and has accurate representations of all sutures, fissures, joints, foramina, and processes. Jaw is spring mounted to show natural movement of the mandible and is detachable for closer investigation. Skull cap can be removed to reveal the brain. The brain can be…

  • Cell Mitosis Model

    Walter Products

    This model has 8 pieces to show the main stages of mitosis (prophase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase).  Each piece is enlarged approximately 10000x and is mounted on a board.  Each stage can be easily taken off for closer study. 

  • The basic structures of the kidney are shown and mounted on a 27.5” x 12” board. The kidney is enlarged 3 times, the nephron is enlarged 120 times, and the glomerulus is enlarged 700 times. Dimensions: 26.5" x 12" x 3"

  • A life-size model of the pancreas, duodenum and spleen. The duodenum is partially opened to show the internal structures and bile duct. The pancreas is dissected to reveal the pancreatic duct. Surrounding blood vessels are also depicted.

  • Teeth Models

    Walter Products

    This demonstration model is a great tool to teach adults and children alike proper oral hygiene skills. The upper and lower half of an adult's dentition is shown and a flexible joint between the jaws allows for easy movement.

  • Larynx Model

    Walter Products

    Learn the anatomy of the voice box with this 3-part model of the larynx. At 3X the size of a healthy human larynx, this model is perfect for patient education or use in classrooms. The model is sectioned longitudinally to reveal its internal structures including the epiglottis, membrane, cartilage,…

  • Learn the important descending and ascending pathways of the circulatory system of the human body with this 2-part model. The heart (2 parts), lungs, liver, spleen, and kidneys are shown to examine the relationship within the circulatory system.

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