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Biochrom Spectrophotometers

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  • Small, portable, and dedicated cell density OD600 measurement instrument Battery operated for use where cells are actually cultured Easy to use, easy to clean, easy to sterilize Download results to a PC or printer for convenient data storage and retrieval The Ultrospec 10 Cell…

  • Novaspec III+ has been designed for use in the student teaching laboratory. It is a rugged, light-in-weight instrument with no moving parts, making it both highly portable and highly reliable. A fully automatic calibration at startup gives confidence in its use. The instrument is extremely…

  • Robust, compact and reliable for general laboratory measurements Xenon lamp for longer lifetime by incorporating press-to-read technology and lower running costs (three year lamp warranty) Provides stored routines for DNA, RNA and oligonucleotide quantitation and purity check Combines…

  • Novaspec Pro is suitable for general biotech laboratory use. It includes stored methods for Bradford, BCA, Biuret, and Lowry protein quantitation, in addition to the basic modes of absorbance, transmittance, OD600, and concentration. The graphical display allows observation of wavelength…

  • GeneQuant 1300 is designed to measure the concentration and purity of nucleic acid and protein samples and the density of bacterial cell cultures at a broad range of sample volumes. It can be used with a variety of cuvettes for sample volumes 3 µl to 2 ml. Large, easy-to-read graphical…

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