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  • Synonyms: Phenyl cyanide Chemical Formula: C6H5CN Hill Formula: C7H5N CAS Number: 100-47-0 UN Number: UN2224

  • Synonyms: Acetic acid methylamide Chemical Formula: CH3CONHCH3 Hill Formula: C3H7NO CAS Number: 79-16-3

  • Synonyms: 1-Pentanol, Pentyl alcohol Chemical Formula: CH3(CH2)4OH Hill Formula: C5H12O CAS Number: 71-41-0 UN Number: UN1105

  • Solvent Yellow 124


    analytical standard Synonym(s): N -Ethyl- N -[2-(1-isobutoxyethoxy)ethyl]- p -(phenylazo)aniline Empirical Formula: C22H31N3O2 Formula Weight: 369.50 Linear Formula: C22H31N3O2 Purity: …

  • Hill Formula: C10H24N2O2 CAS Number: 7300-34-7 UN Number: UN2735

  • CAS Number: 7631-86-9 Solubility: (20°C) insoluble Melting Point: 1710°C Molar Mass: 60.08 g/mol Bulk Density: 200 - 1430 kg/m3 Boiling Point: 2230°C (1013 hPa) pH: 7 (100 g/l, H2O, 20°C) (slurry)

  • Dimethyl Sulfoxide


  • CAS Number: 124-41-4 UN Number: UN1431 Solubility: (20°C) (decomposition) Melting Point: 127°C (decomposition) Molar Mass: 54.02 g/mol Bulk Density: 500 - 600 kg/m3 Boiling Point: >300°C Vapor Pressure: (20°C) Density: 1.3 g/cm3 (20°C) Ignition Point: 240°C

  • p-Xylene for synthesis


    Synonyms: 1,4-Dimethylbenzene Chemical Formula: C6H4-1,4-(CH3)2 Hill Formula: C8H10 CAS Number: 106-42-3 UN Number: UN1307

  • Formula: AgNO3 Formula Weight: 169.87 CAS Number: 7761-88-8

  • Succinimide for synthesis


    CAS Number: 123-56-8 Solubility: 330 g/l (20°C) Melting Point: 121 - 124°C Molar Mass: 99.08 g/mol Vapor Pressure: Flash Point: 201°C Density: 1.4 g/cm3 (20°C) pH: 4 - 6 (200 g/l, H2O)

  • n-Pentane


    CAS Number: 109-66-0 UN Number: UN1265 Solubility: 0.04 g/l (25°C) Melting Point: -130°C Molar Mass: 72.15 g/mol Boiling Point: 36°C (1013 hPa) Vapor Pressure: 570 hPa (20°C) Flash Point: -48°C (refers to pure substance) Refractive Index: 1.358 …

  • n-Decane for synthesis


    Chemical Formula: CH3(CH2)8CH3 Hill Formula: C10H22 CAS Number: 124-18-5 UN Number: UN2247

  • n-Octane for synthesis


    Chemical Formula: CH3(CH2)6CH3 Hill Formula: C8H18 CAS Number: 111-65-9 UN Number: UN1262

  • Sodium chlorate pure


    CAS Number: 7775-09-9 UN Number: UN1495 Solubility: 1000 g/l (20°C) Melting Point: 255°C (decomposition) Molar Mass: 106.44 g/mol Bulk Density: 1500 kg/m3 Boiling Point: 300°C (decomposition) Density: 2.49 g/cm3 (15°C) pH: 5 - 7 (50 g/l, H2O, 20°C)

  • Synonyms: Ethyl amyl ketone, Ethyl isoamyl ketone, Isoamyl ethyl ketone Chemical Formula: CH3CH2COCH2CH(CH3)CH2CH3 Hill Formula: C8H16O CAS Number: 541-85-5 UN Number: UN2271

  • analytical standard Synonym(s): N -Ethyl- N -[2-(1-isobutoxyethoxy)ethyl]-4-(phenyl-d5-azo)aniline Empirical Formula: C22D5H26N3O2 Formula Weight: 374.53 Linear Formula: …

  • SIAL Solvent Green 3


    Dye content 95 % Synonym(s): D & C Green No. 6 Empirical Formula: C28H22N2O2 Formula Weight: 418.49 Linear Formula: C28H22N2O2 MDL Number: MFCD00001195 Melting Point: …

  • Stoddard Solvent


    Suitable For Microbiology Synonyms: Staphylococcus Selective Agar Formula: Mixture

  • Synonyms: Acetic acid dimethylamide, Acetyldimethylamine, DMA Chemical Formula: CH3CON(CH3)2 Hill Formula: C4H9NO CAS Number: 127-19-5

  • CAS Number: 10213-10-2 Solubility: 730 g/l (20°C) Melting Point: 100°C Elimination of water of crystallisation Molar Mass: 329.86 g/mol Bulk Density: 1600 kg/m3 Density: 3.23 g/cm3 (20°C) pH: 8 - 9 (50 g/l, H2O, 20°C)

  • Synonyms: ?-Butyrolactam Hill Formula: C4H7NO CAS Number: 616-45-5

  • Solubility: (20°C) insoluble Bulk Density: 750 kg/m3 pH: (50 g/l, H2O, 20°C) alkaline,(filtered slurry)

  • Synonyms: Acetic acid tert-butyl ester Chemical Formula: CH3COOC(CH3)3 Hill Formula: C6H12O2 CAS Number: 540-88-5 UN Number: UN1123

  • o-Xylene for synthesis


    Synonyms: 1,2-Dimethylbenzene Chemical Formula: C6H4(CH3)2 Hill Formula: C8H10 CAS Number: 95-47-6 UN Number: UN1307

  • CAS Number: 7631-86-9 Solubility: (20°C) insoluble Melting Point: 1710°C Molar Mass: 60.08 g/mol Bulk Density: 200 - 800 kg/m3 pH: 7 (100 g/l, H2O, 20°C) (slurry)

  • Chemical Formula: (CH3)3PO4 Hill Formula: C3H9O4P CAS Number: 512-56-1

  • Synonyms: Perfluoroacetone Chemical Formula: CF3COCF3 * 1,5 H2O Hill Formula: C3F6O * 1,5 H2O CAS Number: 13098-39-0 UN Number: UN2552

  • Synonyms: 2-Picoline Chemical Formula: 2-(CH3)C5H4N Hill Formula: C6H7N CAS Number: 109-06-8 UN Number: UN2313

  • Synonyms: 4-Methyl-1,3-dioxolan-2-one, Propylene glycol carbonate, Carbonic acid propylene glycol ester Hill Formula: C4H6O3 CAS Number: 108-32-7

  • Synonyms: Trimethylene glycol, 1,3-Propylene glycol Chemical Formula: HO(CH2)3OH Hill Formula: C3H8O2 CAS Number: 504-63-2

  • Synonyms: 2-Methylbutyl alcohol, sec-Butyl carbinol Chemical Formula: CH3CH2CH(CH3)CH2OH Hill Formula: C5H12O CAS Number: 137-32-6 UN Number: UN1993

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