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Reagents, B

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  • Bromine Water, Saturated


  • Biotium DAPI

    DAPI is a popular blue fluorescent DNA probe. The dye binds to the minor groove of dsDNA with a -20 fold fluorescence enhancement.

  • 1,4-Butanediol, ReagentPlus®, =99%


    Synonyms: 1,4-Butylene glycol; Tetramethylene glycol Formula: HO(CH2)4OH Formula Weight: 90.12 CAS No.: 110-63-4 Purity: ≥99% Density: 1.017 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.) Legal Information: ReagentPlus is a registered trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC …

  • Boc-S-9-fluorenylmethyl-L-cysteine ; >/= 99% (HPLC)

    AFG Bioscience

    Synonyms: Boc-L-Cys(Fm)-OH Purity Limit: ≥ 99% (HPLC) CAS No.: 84888-35-7 Molecular Formula: C22H25NO4S Molecular Weight: 399.51 MDL No.: MFCD00076921 Appearance: White powder or off-white solid Storage Temperature: Store at 0-8 °C

  • Murashige and Skoog Basal Medium, powder, plant cell culture tested


    Synonym: MS Basal Medium MDL Number: MFCD00240976 Formula Variant With the macro- and micronutrients, and vitamins as described by Murashige and Skoog (1962). Preparation Note Murashige and Skoog medium can be reconstituted from powder or by combining products that are…

  • ALDRICH Boc-Gln-OH, 98%


    Synonym(s): N α-( tert -Butoxycarbonyl)-L-glutamine; Boc-L-glutamine Empirical Formula: C10H18N2O5 Linear Formula: NH2COCH2CH2CH(COOH)NHCOOC(CH3)3 Formula Weight: 246.26 …

  • Barium Chloride, Dihydrate, Crystal, Reagent, ACS

    Spectrum Chemical

    Grade: Reagent, ACS CAS No.: 10326-27-9 UN No.: UN1564 Class: 6.1 Pkg. Group: PG III

  • 4-(Dimethylamino)benzaldehyde, ACS reagent, 99%


    Synonyms: Ehrlich's reagent Formula: (CH3)2NC6H4CHO Formula Weight: 149.19 CAS No.: 100-10-7 Purity: 99% Application: Forms colored condensation products (Schiff bases) with pyrroles 1 and primary amines. 2 Packaging: 25, 100, 250,…

  • Bromocresol Green-Methyl Red Mixed Indicator

    Ricca Chemical

    Formula: Mixture

  • 1-Bromodecane, 98%

    GFS Chemicals

    CH3(CH2)9Br CAS#: 112-29-8 F.W.: 221.19

  • Hardness Buffer Solution


    Hardness buffer solution for HACH SP510, 0.5 L, 10 mg/L

  • Borate Buffered Saline, pH 8.2


    Synonyms: Saline, Borate Buffered, pH 8.2, tablets

  • ALDRICH Benzoic acid-13C7, 99 atom % 13C


    Empirical Formula: 13 C7H6O2 Linear Formula: 13 C6H5 13 CO2H Formula Weight: 129.07 MDL Number: MFCD00190275 Boiling Point: 249 °C(lit.) Melting Point: 121-125 °C(lit.)

  • Fluka Barium diphenylamine-4-sulfonate for redox titration


    Chemical synonyms: 4-(Phenylamino)benzenesulfonic acid barium salt; Diphenylamine-4-sulfonic acid barium salt Product Brand: Analytical Density (g/cm3): 1.14 Molecular weight: 633.88 Molecular formula: (C12H10NO3S)2Ba UN Number: UN1564

  • 3-Benzylpiperidine Hydrochloride ; >/= 95%

    AFG Bioscience

    Purity Limit: ≥ 95% CAS No.: 193204-22-7 Molecular Formula: C12H17N·HCl Molecular Weight: 211.73 MDL No.: MFCD04113626 Appearance: White to off-white crystalline powder Melting Point: 108-116 ºC Storage Temperature: Store at 0-8°C

  • 2-Bromopyridine 98%

    GFS Chemicals

  • ALDRICH 4-Bromo-2-(trifluoromethyl)pyridine hydrobromide, 95%


    Empirical Formula: C6H3BrF3N-+HBr Linear Formula: C6H3BrF3N-+HBr Formula Weight: 306.91 MDL Number: MFCD18432613 Purity: 95% Melting Point: 96-101 °C Storage: −20°C

  • BACTEC™ MGIT™ 960 SIRE Kit


    The BACTEC™ MGIT™ 960 SIRE Kit is a rapid qualitative procedure for susceptibility testing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, from culture, to streptomycin (STR), isoniazid (INH), rifampin (RIF) and ethambutol (EMB). The BACTEC™ MGIT™ 960 STR 4.0 Kit and the BACTEC™…

  • Brij-35


    Also known as Polyoxyethylene Lauryl Ether A non-ionic detergent suitable for Stein-Moore chromatography High Purity Grade Water: <3.0%

  • Boron trifluoride-methanol solution, 14% in methanol


    NOTE: Due to special handling or shipping requirements, these products will have additional fees added during checkout. Click HERE for a description of what fees might be charged.   Synonyms: Trifluoroborane CAS Number: 373-57-9 Formula: CH4BF3O Formula Weight: 99.85 …

  • ALDRICH Boc-Pro-PAM resin, extent of labeling: ~0.7mmol/g loading


    Synonym(s): Boc-L-proline bound to PAM resin Storage: 2-8°C

  • Benzene, anhydrous, 99.8%


    Formula: C6H6 Formula Weight: 78.11 CAS No.: 71-43-2 Purity: 99.8% Density: 0.874 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.) Packaging: 1, 6 x 1, 2 L in Sure/Seal™ Packaging: 10 L in ss drum Packaging: 100, 12 x 100 mL in Sure/Seal™ …

  • Bacteriological Agar

    IBI Scientific

    IBI's Bacteriological Agar is a water soluble colloidal extract obtained from certain species of marine red algae; including Gelidium, Pterocladia, and Gracilaria. Impurities, debris, minerals, and pigments are reduced to specific levels during manufacture. Agar is typically used for general…

  • 6-Bromobenzo[d]isoxazol-3-ylamine ; >/= 98% (HPLC)

    AFG Bioscience

    Synonyms: 6-Bromobenzo[d]isoxazol-3-amine Purity Limit: ≥ 98% (HPLC) CAS No.: 177995-39-0 Molecular Formula: C7H5BrN2O Molecular Weight: 213.03 MDL No.: MFCD09788587 Appearance: Off-white to yellow solid Storage Temperature: Store at 0-8 °C

  • GR ACS Barium Chloride, Dihydrate


    Formula: BaCl2•2H2O Formula Weight: 244.26 CAS Number: 10326-27-9

  • Brilliant Green Bile Broth 2%


    Standard Methods medium for confirmed and completed tests for coliform bacteria in water and foods.

  • Buffer solution, pH 1.00 (^+0.01 @ 25^oC), No Color, Specpure r, NIST Traceable

    Alfa Aesar

    Harmonized Tariff Code:  3822.00 Hazard Statements: H318-H315 Causes serious eye damage. Causes skin irritation. Precautionary Statements: P280-P305+P351+P338-P310-P362-P321-P332+P313 Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye protection/face protection. IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously…

  • SIGMA Bromocresol Green Sultone Form for microscopy (Bot., Hist., Vit.),…


    Synonym(s): 3',3'',5',5''-Tetrabromo- m -cresolsulfonephthalein; Bromocresol Blue Empirical Formula: C21H14Br4O5S Linear Formula: C21H14Br4O5S Formula Weight: 698.01 MDL Number: MFCD00005874 …

  • Benzonase® Nuclease, =250 units/µL, =90% (SDS-PAGE), recombinant, expressed in E…


    Synonym: Endonuclease from Serratia marcescens CAS Number: 9025-65-4 EC Number: 231-791-2 Enzyme Commission (EC) Number: MDL Number: MFCD00131010 Application Used for the removal of nucleic acid from protein samples. Benzonase nuclease, or…

  • (R)-(+)-1-(4-Bromophenyl)ethylamine, ChiPros, 99%, ee 98%

    Alfa Aesar

    Synonym(s): (R)-(+)-p-Bromo-alpha-methylbenzylamine Formula: C8H10BrN Formula weight: 200.08 Purity: 99%, ee 98% CAS Number: 45791-36-4 UN Number: UN2735 Hazard Class: 8 Packing Group: III Harmonized Tariff Code:  2921.49 Hazard Statements: H314-H318 Causes severe skin…

  • BTEX-Standard


    analytical standard Density: 1.099 g/mL at 20 °C Refractive Index: n 20/D 1.480 Storage: 2-8°C

  • ALDRICH Benzyl carbamate, 99%


    Formula: NH2COOCH2C6H5 Formula Weight: 151.16 CAS No.: 621-84-1 Purity: 99% Packaging: 25, 100 g in poly bottle

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