Infrared Heat Lamps

Infrared heat lamps are suitable for a range of applications within the lab. They can provide targeted heating, including directional heat of specific areas or objects.
IR heat lamps are ideal for drying targeted surfaces or materials. They can be an effective solution for drying or curing by speeding up the drying process and improving production and efficiency within the lab.
Science heat lamps provide instant heat when turned on with no requirement for preheating, making them a suitable option for rapid heating. Infrared heat lamps are more energy-efficient than some traditional heating methods.
Infrared lamps typically have a long operational life, reducing the need for frequent replacements and maintenance, making them cost-effective.
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  • Rapid surface heating of a relatively small area Uses 250 watt infrared lamp bulb Converging infrared rays prevent the creeping of salts on the walls of vessels Recommended for evaporation, drying precipitates, moisture determinations and several other similar processes Vented…