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  • FastDNA® Spin Kit

    MP Biomedicals

    The FastDNA™ SPIN Kit, an updated version of the well-known FastDNA™ Kit, is used with any FastPrep® Instrument to lyse and subsequently isolate DNA from up to 200 mg of almost any sample in less than 30 minutes. Features: Isolation of genomic DNA from plants, animals, bacteria,…

  • The FastDNA™-96 Fungal and Bacterial DNA Kit is designed for the simple and rapid isolation of, PCR-quality DNA from tough-to-lyse fungi and bacteria in approximately 40 minutes. Gram(+/-) bacteria, fungi, including A. fumigatus, C. albicans, N. crassa, S. cerevisiae, S.pombe, & mycelium,…

  • The FastDNA-96™ Fecal DNA Kit isolates bacterial, protist, or host DNA from up to 80 mg of wet or dry stool, and even from caecum samples, through a purification process that eliminates PCR inhibitors. Fecal microbes, fungi, parasites, and other stool organisms are first lysed in…

  • The FastDNA-96™ Soil Microbe DNA Kit quickly and efficiently isolates humic-free, PCR-ready genomic DNA from soil samples in approximately 50 minutes. Gram(+/-) bacteria, fungi, plant and animal tissues, algae, spores and many other members of a soil population including clay, sandy, silty,…

  • Applications: The Fast DNA® SPIN Kit for Feces quickly and efficiently isolates PCR-ready genomic DNA from fresh or frozen human and animal stool samples. Product Overview: Samples are placed into 2.0 mL tubes containing Lysing Matrix E, a mixture of ceramic and silica particles…

  • The FastDNA Spin Kit for Plant and Animals Tissues quickly and efficiently isolates high quality genomic DNA from plant and animal tissues using Lysing Matrix D (1.4mm ceramic beads) for cell lysis and a silica-based spin filter method for the purification process.

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