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  • Color Standards


    For Gardner Scale color evaluation Set of 18 color standards: 1 -18 Conform to ASTM D1544, DIN ISO 4630 and AOCS Method Tdla-64T Evaluate and grade transparent liquids such as varnishes, lacquers, shellacs, drying oils, fatty acids and resin solutions. All models include a rack and…

  • Used for quality control and product identification purposes on refined products having an ASTM Color of 0.5 or less Conforms to ASTM D 156; DIN 51411; FTM 791-101 Three-position color standard turret Chromometer determines the Saybolt Color of highly refined petroleum products…

  • Replacement Varnish Tubes An accessory for Petroleum Color Grading Outfits, Model 605 and 607.

  • Meets: ASTM D 1544, DIN ISO 4630, AOCS Method Tdla-64T Liquid Color Standards range from water white through yellow to deep amber. Liquid Standards 1 through 8 are solutions of potassium chloroplatinate. They are light in value, have a very slight greenish hue and are most often used in…

  • The Lovibond® Petroleum Oils Comparator (AF650) is a 3-field instrument for visually determining the ASTM Oils Comparator colour of samples by direct comparison with coloured glass standards. It incorporates the 16 glass standards which make up the scale in a pair of discs. Supplied with 2…

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