Digital and Analog Barometers

Lab barometers are ideal instruments for measuring air pressure in specific environments. This instrument is perfect for forecasting the weather and measuring altitude. Air pressure environment instruments available at Thomas Scientific include digital, analog, and mercury barometers.
Digital barometers carry a pressure transducer that converts the air pressure into an electrical signal and is ideal for various lab applications.
Barometers are designed to help you achieve clear and accurate atmospheric pressure readings and are ideal for experimental control applications. They can assist with identifying any abnormal pressure or potential leaks and minimize any potential hazards during lab experiments.
Ideal for laboratory purposes, barometers also carry a secondary purpose of weather monitoring and prediction and can collect atmospheric pressure measurements to create a better understanding of weather and aid in future forecasting.

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    labForce® (powered by Thomas Scientific)

    Barometric pressure range is 954 to 1073 millibars (mbar), 28.1 to 31.7 inches of mercury (inHg) and 715 to 805 millimeters of mercury (mmHg) Resolution is 0.5 mbar, 0.05 inHg and 0.5 mmHg Accuracy is ±0.5% of reading Dial barometer measures 4 1/2” diameter by 1…

  • Our high-quality barometers are ideal for measuring impending weather changes These barometers accurately measure atmospheric pressure from sea level up to 2000 feet. They also simultaneously monitor temperature with a built-in glass thermometer. Bimetallic temperature compensation preserves…

  • Sper Scientific

    Large, clear, dual scale Four inch dial is easy to read from a distance Gives readings in hecto Pascal (hPa) from 940 to 1060 readable to 1 hPa and mm of Hg pressure from 71 to 80 readable to .1mm. Barometer has an accuracy of ±± hPa. Complete with wall mounts. Weight: 2.6 oz.

  • Digital temperature display with 0.1° resolution Barometer is encased in corrosion-resistant plastic housing. Includes wall mounting bracket, one AA battery, and instructions. Dual scale reads barometric pressure in mbar and inches Hg Switchable °C/°F readout

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