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  • Square Anti-Static Weighing Boats
    Item #:

    Standard weighing boats. Flexible polystyrene with a smooth surface. Shallow with a wide, flat bottom to resist tipping.

  • Slide Holding Forceps

    United Scientific Supplies
    Item #:

    Made of plated steel wire for handling cover glasses and slides carefully and tight.

  • 595 Bottle-Top Filters

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene
    Item #:

    75 mm Supor® machV PES membrane Molded-in graduations Polystyrene housing 595 bottle-top filters feature a 75 mm diameter asymmetric polyethersulfone membrane. Filters securely screw onto glass media bottles with 33- or 45- mm neck sizes and allow direct filtration of liquid into sterile glass media...

  • Falcon® Multiwell Plates For Cell Culture
    Item #:

    Corning Falcon® Multiwell Plates For Cell Culture provide a consistent culture surface chemistry by using a vacuum gas-plasma treatment Cylindrical, flat-bottom plates Alphanumeric well identification Gamma irradiation sterilized Crystal-grade polystyrene Non-pyrogenic Lot-to-lot testing for...

  • Falcon® Serological Pipets
    Item #:

    Disposable, Clear Polystyrene, sterile For economical one-time use Liquid level is meniscus-free More transparent and rigid than polypropylene pipets Calibrated to tip, with volume adjusted for blowing out last drop Tolerance % Sterilized by gamma radiation Non-pyrogenic Includes non-absorbent fiber...

  • Distillation Apparatus - Graham Condenser
    Item #:

    A high quality Distillation Apparatus, supplied with heat resistant borosilicate Flask and Graham Condenser. The flask is fitted with a 24/40 ground glass penny stopper and the extension arm is fitted to the condenser with a 19/38 ground glass fitting. The kit is supplied with a support stand, buret...

  • Falcon® Cell Culture Dishes
    Item #:

    Flat, optically clear polystyrene surfaces for distortion-free microscopic visualization of cells Flat, distortion-free optics Lids designed for optimal gas exchange Stacking rings allow for easier stacking and handling Non-pyrogenic Sterilized by gamma irradiation Packaged in peel-open,...

  • 20 mm Headspace Crimp Caps And Septa
    Item #:

    20mm Headspace Crimp Caps without Septa (2715F74, F77) For use with all headspace crimp top vials. Caps with safety feature release at approximately 45 psi. 20mm Headspace Crimp Caps with Septa (2714S39 to S42) Pre-assembled 20mm crimp caps with septa. Ready-to-use with any headspace crimp top...

  • Quantitative Ashless Filter Paper, No. 5C
    Item #:

    Advantec Quantitative Ashless Filter Papers are made from the highest quality alpha cotton cellulose. One critical step in the manufacturing process of these filter papers is acid washing. All grades are double acid washed in hydrochloric then hydrofluoric acid to reduce levels of SiO2, CaO, and...

  • Drierite Drying Agent (Anhydrous Calcium Sulfate)
    Item #:

    W.A. Hammond - Indicating Drierite 8 Mesh 1 LB (12 per Case) and 5 LB (4 per Case) Indicating Drierite is impregnated with cobalt chloride. Indicating Drierite is blue when dry and changes to pink upon absorption of moisture. The color change is pronounced and clearly visible. Neutral pH...

  • Graduated Polyethylene Transfer Pipets
    Item #:

    Capacity approximately 5 mL; bulb draw 3.5 mL (7.5 and 3.2 mL for 1233L20) Narrow taper with fine tip Delivers approximately 25 drops per mL 153 mm length, 5 mm stem diameter (8 mm stem diameter for 1233L20) Offered in non-sterile or sterile (sterilized by gamma radiation)

  • Extra Large Bulb Polyethylene Transfer Pipets
    Item #:

    Capacity approximately 8 mL; bulb draw 4.6 mL Delivers approximately 22 drops per mL 150 mm length, 6.25 mm stem diameter Bulk packaged

  • Biohit Standard Tips

    Sartorius Liquid Handling
    Item #:

    Bulk Non-Sterile Sterile Suitable for many pipettors Range of tips has been developed to ensure that all elements of the liquid handling system match the quality of Biohit pipettors. Pipet tips are package in a dust-free environment. Tips are produced of natural color premium grade polypropylene....

  • Biologix pipette stand
    Item #:

    Biologix pipette stand. Pipette stand hold up to 6 pipettes in a linear position.

  • Corning® PET Storage Bottle
    Item #:

    Available in four sizes: 125 mL, 250 mL, 500 mL and 1L Packaged in two convenient, shrink-wrapped trays within an outer bag to assure cleanliness Break-resistant, ergonomic, and easy-to-handle alternative to glass Sterilized to 10-6 SAL and certified nonpyrogenic Leakproof, tamper-evident 31.7 mm...

  • PYREX Double Metric Graduated Cylinders
    Item #:

    Class A PYREX graduated cylinders are calibrated “To Deliver” (TD) in accordance with ASTM E-1272 and ASTM E-542. The double scale, numbered both up and down, is in durable blue enamel.  Cylinders are supplied with shock absorbing polyethylene bumper guards. For replacement bumper...

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