labForce® Balances

labForce® Balances provide a variety of weighing options for laboratories requiring an advanced precision instrument to labs seeking a more budget concious or portable option.

TS-T Series Advanced Laboratory Balances

Advanced weighing performance Maximum ease of operation

The labForce® TS-T Series features the latest generation display maximizing comfort of use right at your fingertips. The clear menu and practical arrangement of the display guarantee the best ergonomics for your everyday tasks.

TS-L Series Standard Laboratory Balances

Standard weighing • Highly precise measurement

The adjustment system of the TS-L Series is a control-verifying tool enabling precise weighing performance in any conditions. The TS-L Series designed of monoblock components provides fast measurement and repeatability.

TS-E Series Economy Laboratory Balances

Economy Level Balances for Basic Weighing Needs

Priced right for organizations demanding performance on a limited budget.

TS-P Series Portable Laboratory Balances

Portable weighing for educational and light industrial use

The labForce® TS-P Series is ideal for educational, light industrial, and general laboratory applications or anywhere that accuracy and portability is required. Operate in the field or move from lab-to-lab. All TS-P Series come complete with a Power Adapter and an internal rechargeable battery. Automatic shut off mode conserves battery life and the low battery indicator ensures sample weighing is not interrupted.

TS-B Series Basic Portable Laboratory Balances

Economical weighing for educational and general laboratory use

Operate in the field or move from lab-to-lab. All TS-B Series come complete with 12v DC Power Adapter or insert six AA (batteries not included) for portable applications. Automatic shut off mode conserves battery life and the low battery indicator ensures sample weighing is not interrupted.

TS-U Series Ultra-Microbalances and Microbalances

Professional level of weighing • The highest measurement accuracy

TS-U Series features a Dual Core 2 x 1 GB processor, which delivers noticeable performance improvements, including faster operation and shorter stabilization time retaining high repeatability values. 8 GB RAM offers the possibility of recording data as complex reports. Time and statistic data diagrams on series of weighings are another useful option. The best weighing accuracy and repeatability – with sd ≤ 1d combined with USP regulations conformity (Section 41 and 1251) make the balances a new standard for mass measurement quality.

TS-M Series Moisture Analyzers

Highest-level functionality for professional drying processes and moisture content analysis

The demanding requirements of Thomas Scientific customers has resulted in 3 different models of moisture analyzers. The TS-M is designed to enable the most complex measurements and provides various capacity and readability options. Both the display and menu structure design make moisture analyzer operation easier and more intuitive. TS-M series is additionally equipped with a touchscreen for greater comfort.