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State-of-the-Art Respiratory Protection

Thomas No.DescriptionList Price
20A00M458Sentinel XT System with Clear Hood$1,485.00/EA
20A00M459Sentinel XT Non-Incendive System with Clear Hood$1,613.30/EA
20A00L646Sentinel EZ BioHood™ System with NiMH$1,240.20/EA
20A00L647Sentinel EZ BioHood™ System with Alkaline$1,172.80/EA

Sentinel XT PAPR System


  • Offers a full 320-degree field of view, allows the wearer to have facial hair and/or a head covering, and reduces feelings of claustrophobia.
  • Multiple filter and breathing tube options ensure that the assembly is easy to use and supports a range of applications
  • The XT blower, when paired with the lithium polymer battery, weighs just 2.2 pounds, yet delivers 8+ CFM airflow, exceeding NIOSH requirements
  • Back harness and Quick-Loc™ belt options support a range of user needs and preferences while increasing comfort and usability

Sentinel EZ BioHood™ System


  • Superior protection, 1,000 APF* provides 100x the protection of an N-95
  • Easy to store, compact, lay flat design frees storage space by 50%
  • Comfortable to wear for long operations
  • Breathable loose-fitting neck cuff
  • Internal head band provides good stability
  • No fit-testing required for wearers, adjustable up to 5 sizes in 1 single-size product, reduces logistic burden of carrying multiple sizes
  • Wide range of view, features a wraparound Clear Visor for superior visibility, healthcare worker is clearly visible to the patient

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