Vendor-Managed Inventory - Frequently Asked Questions

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Serving the scientific community for over 100 years, we put our customers first! We have partnered with hundreds of customers to provide best-in-class vendor managed inventory programs with you in mind. We have a proven track record to manage customer inventory freeing you up to manage your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is VMI?

    Vendor managed inventory or VMI provides an inventory management solution that is customized to a customer’s unique requirements. Thomas Inventory Management Solutions creates the order for the customer based on demand provided. This supply chain solution increases the customer’s efficiencies and productivity by allowing our experts to take responsibility for order fulfilment and to ensure inventory availability. Based on the agreement with the customer, additional services may include onsite organization and management at the stockroom or point-of-use.
  2. How do you track the inventory?

    Our inventory management experts track inventory through Thomas Inventory Management Solution’s best-in-class, cloud-based supply chain solution powdered by Clear Spider. Our mobile software offers visibility into real-time inventory and has an open API platform for seamless integration into your system.
  3. How do I get started with the vendor managed inventory program?

    You can expedite the vendor managed inventory process by identifying your list of products to be managed and setting minimum/maximum values for each. It’s also a good idea to make note of your most critical items, along with where and how frequently they are used. Once you’re ready, our Thomas Inventory Management Solutions team will take it from there. We’ll start by conducting a site assessment at your facilities to help determine your needs.
  4. How much does a vendor managed inventory service cost?

    The cost of our vendor managed inventory services varies for each level based on the type and scope of service provided. Our solutions are negotiable based on level of service and commitment. We have various levels of supply chain solutions that are specific to YOUR NEEDS. Book a free consultation with our Thomas Inventory Management Solutions experts to get a personalized quote.
  5. How often does inventory replenishment happen?

    The frequency of inventory replenishment is customized to the customer’s needs. Typically, our inventory management experts will check and replenish inventory weekly, but it can be more or less frequent depending on the scope of service.
  6. Can I adjust my usage or is this a set commitment?

    Absolutely, your Thomas Inventory Management Solutions team will perform periodic inventory reviews to ensure proper stock levels as your usage requirements change or evolve.
  7. What items are eligible for a vendor managed inventory program?

    Whatever your inventory management needs are, TIMS can deliver! Any items that are critical to your production needs - including parts in your bill of materials – can be factored into your new supply chain solution. Plus, Thomas Inventory Management Solutions already represents approximately 3,000 manufacturers and over 1 million SKUs and can onboard more suppliers or products at your request.
  8. How does a vendor managed inventory program guarantee stock on products?

    Our inventory management experts can reserve inventory for customers based on their level of service and their needs.
  9. How do you ensure the accuracy of an inventory management program?

    Our supply chain solution implements a system of checks and balances to ensure accuracy of inventory, invoicing, and delivery. Your TIMS team will work with you to understand your auditing requirement and set up key performance indicators to track and measure performance.
  10. Do you offer onsite services?

    Yes! Thomas Inventory Management Solutions can provide onsite personnel to manage your supply chain solution and other processes such as ordering support, receiving services, point-of-use delivery management, de-trashing, recycling, inventory rotation, media preparation, glassware washing, and more! Our experts work with each individual client to determine the level of onsite services that make the most sense for your unique needs.

What customers are saying about TIMS...

Totally Effortless!

"Thomas has made it incredibly easy to manage our clean room material. We worked collaboratively to identify the min-max quantities of our material, and after that he has completely been self-sufficient. He fills our racks, makes recommendations that could save us money, and ensures that the process is running smoothly. The only thing I do every week is receive a copy of the material ordered – totally effortless!"

Sean D., Production Supervisor, Medical Device Industry

A True Representation of Partnership!

"The deployment of Thomas Scientific as a VMI program within our Austin site has aided tremendously in the reduction of managing daily consumable items. This action has freed up employee actions to be used more towards our core competency deliverables. With this introduction our local representative of Thomas Scientific, Melodee Slade, has been a blessing to our team. Melodee’s engagement towards our business; business needs; and interactions between our team members and management has been a tremendous benefit. Prior to the global pandemic, Melodee had the foresight to review, identify, and obtain items, th at are critical to our business operations, well ahead of global stock outs. This is a true representation of partnership and a great understanding of our business continuity, as we look forward to many more years of service."

Thomas L., Production Supervisor and Warehouse Manager, Semiconductor Industry

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