Simple Solvents and Thomas Scientific Join Forces to Provide Steady and Robust Solvent Supply Chain.

Simple Solvents, a niche provider of high-quality solvents has entered into a strategic partnership with Thomas Scientific, a top distributor of laboratory supplies, to address the increasing demand for solvents across multiple industries.

Brandon Bahr, the CEO of Simple Solvents, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "We're excited to collaborate with Thomas Scientific to deliver the highest quality solvents. Our robust education on botanical extraction, combined with Thomas Scientific's extensive distribution reach, will provide a nation-wide solution for industries with a fragmented and chaotic supply chain."

With a shared commitment to quality, education, and efficient logistics, Simple Solvents and Thomas Scientific are poised to provide a reliable and consistent supply of solvents for the growing needs of customers and researchers. Simple Solvents is known for its comprehensive suite of education, providing in-depth information on all of their products and their application in the botanical extraction and purification processes. This education empowers customers to make informed decisions about their solvent usage, optimizing their processes and results.

Thomas Scientific brings its extensive reach and history within the lab supply industry to the partnership. With a well-established distribution network and industry expertise, Thomas Scientific is recognized for its reliable and efficient distribution of laboratory supplies, including solvents.

"We are proud to collaborate with Simple Solvents to provide high-quality solvents to our customers," said Stan Haas, CEO, Thomas Scientific. "Our partnership will enable us to support our customers with a reliable and consistent supply of solvents, empowering their research and production processes."

The partnership between Simple Solvents and Thomas Scientific represents a compelling solution for a steady and robust solvent supply chain. Leveraging Simple Solvents' expertise in botanical extraction education and Thomas Scientific's distribution reach, the partnership aims to meet the increasing demand for solvents and provide unparalleled service to customers.

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