MicroGEM Partners with Thomas Scientific to "Democratize" Molecular Biology

CHARLOTTESVILLE, V.A., and SWEDESBORO, N.J., April 22, 2021 Thomas Scientific, the largest pure-play distributor of scientific products in the US, has officially entered into a supplier partnership with MicroGEM, a leading innovator of nucleic acid extraction products and techniques within laboratory workflows.

MicroGEM, a Virginia-based life sciences and molecular diagnostics company, develops innovative point-of-need diagnostic devices based on its evolutionary approach to sample preparation. The partnership with Thomas Scientific is an opportunity to introduce MicroGEM's single-tube, temperature-driven nucleic acid extraction solution to broad segments in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry.

prepGEM, the company's broad-specificity thermostable enzyme, uses temperature changes to quickly and efficiently prepare samples for PCR analysis without multiple steps or the use of harsh chemicals. The approach is easily optimized for high throughput, automated assays and is suitable for extractions from small sample volumes.

"Our partnership with Thomas Scientific represents real synergy in our mission to democratize molecular biology," stated Rhonda Petit, MicroGEM's Director of Global Sales. "Our simplified approach to efficient sample preparation truly is a game-changer for any biopharma, forensic, or molecular biology applications where fewer steps, less contamination, high recovery, and results in minutes are important."

Founded in 1900, Thomas Scientific operated as a family-owned business for most of its history before being acquired by The Carlyle Group in 2017. This milestone provided the resources the company needed to make acquisitions of their own – thus expanding the strength of their distribution network and breadth of top-tier suppliers.

The Carlyle acquisition also allowed Thomas Scientific to enhance capabilities within the life sciences market, underscored by a significant investment in their Molecular Diagnostics business unit this past January. Thomas now possesses wide product variety within every step of the molecular diagnostics workflow, including the crucial extraction step. This is where MicroGEM factors in.

prepGEM products provide Thomas Scientific with even more flexibility in their consultative workflow approach, which is a key differentiator for the company. "MicroGEM is a tremendous addition to the Thomas portfolio," said Rebecca Nuss, Director of Life Sciences, Clinical, and Diagnostics for Thomas Scientific. "Products like prepGEM are a great example of their forward-thinking, innovative approach to our field, and we're thrilled to be able to offer these products as part of the custom workflow solutions we develop for labs."

For more information on how MicroGEM and Thomas Scientific can help optimize high-complexity workflows, click here.

About Thomas Scientific
Thomas Scientific provides the latest in equipment and supplies to the science community. In accordance to the tradition of the original Founders, we deliver individualized customer service, innovative scientific equipment, and a comprehensive portfolio offering a wide selection of product listings at. Whether you work in a lab setting or perform your testing in the field, Thomas Scientific has the products you need.

About MicroGEM
MicroGEM is democratizing molecular diagnostics by moving molecular techniques out of conventional, highly skilled laboratories to non-laboratory settings. The company's innovative enzymatic approach to nucleic acid extraction provides the foundation for efficient sample preparation suitable for PCR analysis. Recently awarded up to $40.9 million by the National Institutes of Health, Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostics (RADx) initiative, MicroGEM is leveraging its RNA extraction capabilities to develop a PCR-based, SARS-CoV-2 saliva test, representing the next generation of point-of-need solutions for the management of infectious diseases and other personalized medicine applications.

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