Bringing Speed, Agility, and Precision to qPCR

Whether you’re looking to make significant improvements in throughput or simply trying to firm up smaller steps, this single instrument will provide a foundation for efficiency within your qPCR workflow.


Quantitative polymerase chain reaction, or qPCR, is a technology utilized in diagnostic applications to measure and analyze DNA. In contrast to traditional PCR, which outputs results as a qualitative “present or absent”, qPCR actually quantifies the amount of DNA amplified in each cycle.

While qPCR does tend to yield more actionable downstream results than its traditional counterpart, it’s not without limitations of its own. Insufficient primer & probe design, lack of reagent compatibility, and technical data integrity issues are just a few roadblocks commonly encountered.

The AriaMx Real-Time PCR Instrument effectively sidesteps these and many other inefficiencies while making both routine and complicated applications faster and easier than ever before. It’s a fully integrated qPCR amplification, detection, and data analysis system developed by Agilent Genomics. The system’s modular design combines a state-of-the-art thermal cycler, an advanced optical system with spectra-optimized LED cartridges, and data analysis software all in one.

The instrument leverages a comprehensive software suite of on-board instrument diagnostics, giving you confidence that instrument fail points are identified prior to running your assay. It allows users to experience total confidence within their qPCR workflows with a blend of speed, agility, and precision.

Key applications and features that make the AriaMx stand out include:

High Resolution Melt Analysis (HRM)

High Resolution Melt Analysis

High resolution melt analysis (HRM) is a quick method to monitor and record the melt profile of amplicons in a sample, post-PCR. HRM’s high sensitivity can detect even the smallest of melting temperature changes like those caused by single-base changes, nucleotide repeats and small deletions in DNA.

Some of the more common applications of HRM include genotype confirmation, mutation identification and screening, clone confirmation, and methylation analysis. HRM is often used at hypervariable loci to find hard-to-detect base changes. In contrast to TaqMan assays, which can easily miss new or unknown mutations, HRM can detect any mutation between two primers in the assay. HRM also cost-effectively resolves small changes while maintaining melting temperature control.

The AriaMx allows you to confidently genotype the toughest alleles in less time using the Brilliant HRM Ultra-Fast Loci Master Mix, also available through Thomas Scientific. Offered as a standalone reagent, it’s an ideal option for the scientist looking to quickly “mix-and-go” with greater confidence.

Brilliant HRM Ultra-Fast Loci Master Mix

Although optimized for Agilent’s AriaMx, the Brilliant HRM Ultra- Fast Loci Master Mix also works on most major manufacturer instrumentation. It combines a fast-start mutant Taq polymerase, MgCl2 buffer optimized for most HRM reactions, dNTPs and an EvaGreen low toxicity dye, considered the most reliable for HRM. Advantages include:

  • Mix and Go – MgCl2 and dNTPs are included.
  • Better stability – Stable after multiple freeze thaws, reducing wastage and increasing batch-to-batch reliability.
  • Fast-Start Taq­ Three-minute activation time for the proprietary mutant Fast-Start Taq polymerase.
  • EvaGreen Release-on-Demand based dye – Non-toxic and can be added at saturating concentrations—insuring minimal inhibition while preserving high sensitivity.
  • Platform independent – Use with any HRM-capable thermocycler.



virus image

We know you’re always looking to maximize information obtained from rare samples. Multiplexing is one solution to getting answers in the least amount of time. However, multiplexing often requires extensive optimization of reagents, which can be expensive in both time and reagent costs and is quickly becoming an impractical method. Agilent’s Brilliant Master Mixes allow you to normalize your results with internal controls, providing the most accurate quantification possible.

Providing sensitive, real-time amplification, Agilent Brilliant Multiplex qPCR Master Mix allows the use of internal controls to provide normalization within each reaction while reducing time and reagent costs. The Brilliant Multiplex qPCR Master Mix provides amplification of up to four targets per reaction, and each requires far less template than if performed in four separate reactions. Moreover, the sensitivity remains equivalent to that seen in single-plex.

Stop sacrificing time, samples, and reagents. AriaMx delivers answers from multiplexing experiments faster than most thermocycler-based platforms. Enjoy more agility and speed in your assays with reagents optimized for your reactions and get ready for an improvement in time-to-results and accuracy.


Reporting and Analysis

AriaMx software package

The state-of-the-art AriaMx software package combines robust data analysis algorithms and intuitive organization for precision and ultimate ease-of-use. It allows you to control experimental bias due to differences in amplification efficiencies through a proprietary algorithm and also provides multiple customizable data analysis algorithms to take your downstream applications to the next level.

Users can easily export raw data in multiple formats with the touch of a finger. Select only those datasets you want displayed using the following custom data reports:

  • Plate Set-Up
  • Experimental Thermal Profile
  • Raw Data Plots
  • Analysis Criteria
  • Amplification Plots
  • Allele Determination
  • Graphical Displays
  • Tabular Results
  • Experimental Notes

Getting started with reporting and analysis is made simple with a touchscreen set-up interface. The system also offers onboard diagnostics and remote monitoring to help you stay on top of any technical issues that may arise and address them to prevent gaps in your workflow. Base software is included with instrument purchase.

assey interface


Here are some of the additional areas where the AriaMx excels:

  • NGS library quantification – Optimal cluster density improving efficiency and data quality
  • miRNA quantification – Master mixes which enable your assays to discriminate miRNA differences—even by one SNP
  • Open platform – Instrumentation validated for all major manufacturer kits as well as Agilent reagents
  • Plate maps at your fingertips – Program at the plate and well level; simply hover over a well, and its details will open in a new window.
  • Pre-programmed assays – Allows for easy selection of calibrators, normalizers, and sample associations.


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