Thomas Scientific and TPT Global Tech form a Strategic Partnership

SWEDESBORO – September 11, 2020 – Thomas Scientific, the nation’s third-largest and fastest-growing scientific distributor, and TPT Global Tech, a technology holding company with an emphasis on Media Content, Medical Technology and Telecommunications are excited to unveil a new strategic partnership.

Through this collaboration, TPT Med Tech, a subsidiary of TPT Global Tech, will sell and market Thomas Scientific products and services on their E-commerce website as a reseller of Thomas Scientific. Conversely, Thomas Scientific will sell and market TPT Med Tech's QuikLAB, QuikPass App & Hardware, SaniQuik, and PPE products in the United States. Thomas Scientific will provide tier one compliance and supply chain support to TPT Med Tech's QuikLab products on an exclusive basis.

Michael Brown, Senior Vice-President of Molecular Diagnostics Strategy at Thomas Scientific, commented “We are really excited to begin our work with TPT Med Tech. Their technology solutions are a great addition to our product portfolio, and together we can get these products into the hands of customers nationwide. With over 120 sales reps and our tier one support, Thomas Scientific will help TPT take that next step to see new levels of success.”

TPT Med Tech provides advanced mobile testing labs, sanitizing cabins, and high-quality PPE products. Two USA-made products that are part of the partnership are QuikLAB and SANIQuik. QuikLAB™ is a CLIA Certified Lab designed and manufactured to provide on-site COVID-19 testing services to hospitals, businesses, and communities where rapid incremental infrastructure is needed, including during emergencies like pandemics and other natural disasters. SANIQuik™ offers Sanitizing Units that are placed at all entry points to provide a clear safety barrier before access. It is recommended for hospitals, long-term care facilities, manufacturing, hospitality, sporting venues, airports, business, and government buildings.

"Another milestone met," says Stephen Thomas CEO of TPT Global Tech, "We believe this relationship with Thomas Scientific gives TPT Med Tech all the products, services and experience it needs to operate its QuikLAB and Epic Lab locations nationwide. The decades of business knowledge and experience that Thomas Scientific brings to play is very powerful to our organization and we look forward to a very long and profitable relationship."

Thomas Scientific provides the latest equipment and supplies to the science community. Following the tradition of the founders, we offer individualized customer service, innovative scientific equipment, and a comprehensive portfolio offering a wide selection of product listings. Thomas Scientific is a registered contractor for the U.S. Federal Government.

More About TPT Global Tech

TPT Global Tech Inc. is a technology company based in San Diego, California with divisions providing telecommunications, medical technology, and product distribution, media content for domestic and international syndication as well as technology solutions.  TPT Global Tech offers Software as a Service (SaaS), Technology Platform as a Service (PAAS), Cloud-based Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS). TPT's cloud-based UCaaS services allow businesses of any size to enjoy all the latest voice, data, media, and collaboration features in today's global technology markets. The company also provides carrier-grade performance and support for businesses over its private IP MPLS fiber and wireless network in the United States. TPT Global Tech operates as a Master Distributor for Nationwide Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) and Independent Sales Organization (ISO) as a Master Distributor for Pre-Paid Cellphone services, Mobile phones Cellphone Accessories, and Global Roaming Cellphones.

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