Automate Your Specimen Tube Recapping and Archiving with CapTrack™ from Globe Scientific

How much time is spent in your lab recapping blood / specimen tubes or finding a stored tube in cold storage?  Do you wish you could be doing more productive activities than recapping & searching?  With CapTrack™, now you can. CapTrack™ is the world’s first and only benchtop recapping archiver, available from Globe Scientific, a world-leader in laboratory tubes, caps and racks.

Recapping — CapTrack™ automates the recapping of all 13mm tubes, regardless of height.  Simply load the carousel with the tubes to be recapped, fill the hopper with hundreds of flanged plug caps, press Start, and CapTrack™ does the rest.

Archiving — CapTrack™ allows for the quick retrieval of samples from refrigerated storage.  Users simply enter the specimen ID into the integrated 7-inch touch screen to quickly find the date and time the sample was processed, the rack number to which it was assigned, as well as the tube height and cap color.

Refrigerated Specimen Management — CapTrack™ includes a ‘Cleanout’ function which generates a daily report that tells your staff which storage racks contain only samples older than a set number of days or hours. This allows your lab to maximize cold storage by returning racks to service when the specimens are no longer usable while also ensuring valid specimens are not disposed of prematurely. 

Ease of Use — With the 7-inch touchscreen and a simple, intuitive GUI (Graphic User Interface), even new users can easily set up and use CapTrack™.  Replenishing caps, tubes and even reordering is simplified with automated emails sent by the unit to any specified user.

The Power of RFID — Using Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID), the CapTrack’s™ Specimen Management function allows for easy recall of racks with specific samples.  The inexpensive RFID can be placed on most any rack for use with CapTrack™. 

Globe Scientific is very excited to bring innovation such as CapTrack™ to your lab to complement our wide array of tubes, caps, racks and more!  For more information or a demo of CapTrack™ or any other Globe Scientific product, please contact your Thomas Scientific Sales Representative or email us directly at

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