GFS Chemicals’ Watermark® Karl Fischer reagents

Top 10 things you probably didn’t know, but should, about GFS Chemicals’ Watermark® Karl Fischer reagents line!

10. Our Single Solution Reagents (aka Comp 5, 2, 1) can be used for all samples.

a. There is no reason to change it out
b. For samples containing ketones or aldehydes, just simply change the solvent!
c. Don’t forget…. Ours are now exempt from DEA filings!

9. Watermark® was the first brand to offer (in 1988) the (rapid, fast, quick, prime) methanolic volumetric solvent. See parent item 1610 (and colorless variant 1885)

8. Composite 1 recently added to the product line

7. Watermark offers stable 2-component titrants as low as 0.5 mg/ml [5.0, 2.0, 1.0, 0.50 mg/ml]

6. GFS Chemicals is the largest manufacturer of Karl Fischer reagents based in the USA

a. manufacturing for over 30 years in Columbus, OH
b. with the shortest supply chain in the industry for rapid replenishment

5. Watermark brand coulometric cathode reagents are uniquely packed in custom ampoules

a. designed for easy dispensing. No tools, no mess!

4. GFS Chemicals’ titration lab is accredited to ISO 17025:2017

a. We’re constantly validating precision and accuracy of our large line of WATER STANDARDS

3. Titration speed is superior to others on the market today1,2

1. Coulometric test data using GFS items 1671 (fritless) and 1612 + 2321 (diaphragm system)
2. Volumetric test data using GFS items 1600 and 1610 (Composite reagent and solvent, general)

2. SAME DAY SHIPPING – generally 3 months of inventory in stock.


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