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Words. Words are powerful. Choosing one’s words wisely is so important and its never been more evident than in the age of the internet and social media. The circumstances this year, 2020, have made everyone even more acutely aware of the words being used by others.  One may surmise that never in our history have people been held so accountable for what they said or how they said it – thus, how it was perceived. Thus, we should give some care to the words we use. To make life more complicated many words sound the same, are spelled differently and have different meanings. Some words are spelled exactly alike and have different meanings, even within the same language. Let’s talk about one in particular: one that most everyone would love to have for today’s current events – a SOLUTION.

Solution is a great example. One meaning is: an answer to a problem. The second is in chemistry: a uniform mixture of a solute (the dissolved substance) in a solvent. What’s great is that many solutions (the second example) are used to derive solutions (the first example) to problems.  Chemical analyses utilizing solutions and standard test methods result in solving “problems”. Similarly, your vendor for analytical reagent solutions is equipped to finding, developing and suggesting solutions for your lab’s or plant’s business.  The results of finding a solution to a problem or test result can be anything from relief to contentment to elation! The world, too, in fact is always looking for more solutions. Right? In chemistry, there are an infinite number of solutions. That might be taken both ways.

Now, we’re having fun with the word solution(s)…especially if you’re in a laboratory. The American Chemical Society (ACS) even had fun with the word as shown on various paraphernalia “Chemists have Solutions” and others, later, “…have all the solutions”. Other science types have even coined various forms of “according to chemistry, alcohol IS a solution”.  Alright, alright, you get it. Solution is a fun word.

With all that fun with words, we have questions for you:  Who is your vendor for chemical solutions for your plant and for your lab?  Who do you trust for analytical reagent solutions, volumetric solutions, buffering solutions? How about custom solutions in the sizes you want? Are you getting the value you want and deserve?  Are they providing both solutions and solutions? 

GFS Chemicals truly attempts to create complete value for you. Here are several points you may find valuable:

  • Volumetric solutions testing is traceable to NIST SRM and our titrants are standardized to 5-decimal places with standard deviation of <0.0001
  • GFS is a primary manufacturer of many Primary Standard Salts (CRM) directly equivalent to NIST SRMs – Thus, tons of titration “practice”.
  • GFS is a primary manufacturer of hundreds of compounds that become the solutes.
  • GFS provides standard and custom solution kits to make your lab perform with less effort
  • Of course, ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 accreditations
  • Top products always in stock!
  • Certified laboratory staff and top of the line instrumentation
  • Economical Products
    • Lower cost inputs than competitors – as primary chemicals manufacturer
    • Lower cost facilities, in industrial midwestern neighborhood
    • Minimization of waste due to using Lean Manufacturing Principles


GFS has a SOLUTION for you.

Applications include but not limited to:

  • Potentiometric titration
  • KF titration
  • Total Acid Number and Base Number (TAN and TBN)
  • Bromine number and Iodine Number
  • Mobile phases for HPLC and LCMS
  • Soils analysis
  • pH and ORP and Electrode care
  • Conductivity
  • Organic Halides
  • Fluoride and other ISE

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