5 Things that Set Thomas Scientific Apart from the Crowd

Thomas Scientific has been integral to the scientific community since 1900. As we've continued to grow, so have the needs and expectations of our customers. As e-commerce evolves, we are responding to meet our customers' shopping needs.

Over the past few years, Thomas Scientific experienced exponential growth. We now serve the scientific community as one of the largest distributors. Yet, we desire to stand apart from the other distributors in the industry.

Our larger platform allows us to help more scientists create a better world. Empowered by our small business mindset, we serve each customer with focused attention. Fully understanding our customers' unique challenges, we work collaboratively toward a solution.


We want you to know exactly what our team believes in…


1. Sourcing the best solutions for your specific application


2. Having specialized teams who can be effective advisors for your workflow


3. Investigating new and innovative products to help speed up your research


4. Taking a consultative approach to help our customers streamline their productivity


5. Pricing products fairly, while maintaining excellent quality and value


At Thomas Scientific, we take pride in doing things a little differently. Our pledge to exceptional service, technical expertise, and active collaboration set us apart.

In the end, it's YOU, our customers, who matter. You are changing the world, and we're grateful to contribute.

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