How the LH Technologies Sapphire dual-inlet dispenser will make your job easier and safer

Chemists have found that using a bottle-top dispenser allows them to safely and accurately measure a precise amount of reagent must faster than using a glass cylinder.  Bottle-top dispensers have evolved over the years with improvements such as variable volume settings, more chemically resistant materials and recirculating valves.

The LH Technologies family of dispensers gives you all these things and more.  All our dispensers are designed with chemical resistant PTFE, PFA and borosilicate glass components.  We further evolved the design, eliminating the need for the internal spring that renders the dispenser useless when it becomes corroded.  Our unique borosilicate glass ball & seat valve assembly is 100% spring-free providing for many years of reliable jam-free operation.

The evolution continues with the introduction of the Sapphire dispenser, the only dual-inlet dispenser available today.

Who cares!  What do I need 2 inlets for? 

Here’s an example that you may be able to identify with.  

Have you ever had to change a dispenser from an empty bottle of acid?  The bottle may be empty, but the down tube still has acid on it.  It can be a two person job to change it safely.  Let’s call it Chemistry Twister!  The dripping acid that comes off the end can be a real safety issue, and don’t set it down on the lab bench!

For this reason, the dual-inlet design can be a real relief.  You have two great options not available with any other dispenser:


If your chemical bottle is completely empty - rinse your dispenser while it’s still mounted on the bottle by running DI water through the 2nd inlet.  Remove your dispenser that’s fully rinsed with DI water safely.


Place the second inlet downtube into a large container of the same type of chemical you’ve been using.  Open the second inlet and refill your bottle. Voila!  No drips, no mess, no injury to report!  

Once you give it a try, you’ll wonder how you worked without it.

Click on the Product link to see a short demonstration and to order yours.


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