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[GUIDE] Acrodisc® Syringe Filters

For Analytical Sample Preparation; Including HPLC and Dissolution Testing

Spotlight on Cell Line Development and Drug Discovery

Pall offers a broad range of analytical sample preparation products to protect your instruments and ensure the integrity of your results. Within this Technical Guide, you’ll find information relating to quality at Pall, performance studies, and useful selection criteria to help you choose the right product for your application. This Technical Guide can be used for reviewing filtration requirements and performance criteria with new lab personnel.

The technical guide is divided into several useful sections

  • Pall’s product quality assurance and certifications
  • Why filtration is necessary
  • Main considerations for choosing the best filter for your application
  • Improving HPLC column life by as much as 52 times through accurate pore size ratings
  • Minimizing the occurrence of extractables for less chromatographic interference
  • Reducing API (active pharmaceutical ingredients) adsorption
  • Product features, specifications, and a Chemical Compatibility Guide

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