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Cubis II Pharma Compliant by Design

Cubis® II Micro Balances

The New Generation of Modular Premium Laboratory Balances

For scientists in R&D and analytical laboratories needing the most reliable lab weighing results, the Cubis® II from Sartorius is a completely configurable, high performance portfolio of balance hardware and software that will align with your unique demands and compliance requirements to maximize operational efficiency and experimental outcomes.

All modules of the Cubis® II balance were designed for an intuitive operation, further aided by intelligent diagnostic systems. These design elements guarantee a higher degree of repeatability for different workflows while lowering the probability of human error during measurement.

Trusted Results

The Cubis® II balance offers several advantages over other lab balances:

  • Leading Performance: the Cubis® II balance offers best-in-class performance, including high-capacity and high readability, regardless of sample type
  • Error-free Operations: Ensure a high level of trust and transparency by using Cubis® II’s functionality to assess relevant factors during data acquisition.
  • Full End-to-End Data Integrity: Ensure your data is reliable and cannot be manipulated with Cubis® II’s user management function and LIMS connectivity.
  • Reliable Support: Our lab weighing team provides expert support to help ensure your success, even when making very specific and/or unique requests.

Customizable Modularity

  • Thousands of Hardware And Software Configurations
  • Adapatble Software
  • Seamless Connectivity
  • Long-Term flexibility

Confident Compliance

  • Complete Traceability
  • Submission-Ready Data
  • Governance Trough User Management
  • Integration Of Your SOPs

Intelligence by Design

  • Intuitive applications
  • Automatic Motorized leveling
  • Innovative Draft Shield technology
  • Gesture Sensor
  • Climate Monitoring
  • Status Center Notifications

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