Ricca Chemical Company


RICCA CHEMICAL COMPANY is the premier choice for High Purity Water. We offer water to meet USP Purified, USP/EP Purified, ASTM, ACS, HPLC and other requirements. Our water is specially purified by conventional water softening, pre-filtration, activated carbon organic adsorption, reverse osmosis, mixed bed double-deionization, ultraviolet light irradiation, and 0.2 micron filtration.

Color Bar

High Purity Water Solutions


C864T40ACS Reagent Grade, ASTM Type I, ASTM Type II
C864T48ACS Reagent Grade, ASTM Type I, ASTM Type II
C998Z88ACS Reagent Grade, ASTM Type II
C998Z85ACS Reagent Grade, ASTM Type III


C998Z85HPLC Grade, ACS Reagent Grade


C998Z83Distilled, Reagent Grade


C998Z94USP/EP Purified
1193P68USP Purified, Non-Sterile
Custom options in batch size and packaging are also available.