Quality Assurance

Used with Permission from Inorganic Ventures - Inorganic Ventures is a leading manufacturer of inorganic standards and custom standards for ICP-OES, ICP-MS, IC and AAS.

Fully ISO Accredited

Inorganic Ventures is accredited to ISO Guide 34, ISO 17025, as well as ISO 9001. Our laboratory undergoes rigorous quality control audits by A2LA and QMI on an annual basis, giving you complete confidence in the ICP standards and other reference materials we manufacture.

Standards you can trust

We use NIST Standard Reference Materials (SRM and lot number specified on the certificate) for calibration and direct comparison.

We have detailed Error Budgets that define the errors used in determining the uncertainty, giving us a unique value for each lot of material.

We use ICP and ICP-MS to check the purity of all CRMs. Protocols are prepared for all new starting materials. We perform purifications and chemical modifications as required to meet predefined quality specifications.

We use two independent validated assay methods that are performed with a reliable QC standard.

Stable & Compatible
We've conducted stability studies on all standards, including blends. Compatibility and stability have been demonstrated and fully documented.

Manufacturing Checks

We follow an extensive series of quality control steps when manufacturing all of our products, from catalog items to custom solutions.

Quality Assurance Checklist

Even More Assurance

Clean Rooms
Our eco-friendly laboratories have been specially planned and constructed to be contamination-free during every stage of production. We use ULPA filtered clean rooms for the manufacturing of certified reference standards, various R&D projects and other special purposes. We keep our ICP-MS instrumentation in these ultra-modern clean rooms.

Product Documentation
Our ISO Guide 31-compliant Certificates of Analysis are the most detailed in the industry. They include valuable information such as trace metallic impurities and uncertainty levels, as well as the results of every QC step. Additionally we supply MSDSs and instruction sheets (available with most Water QC products) to help everyone from a recently trained technician to the most experienced scientist.

Every LDPE, HDPE, PVC, glass, and teflon bottle is processed by chemical treatment, plus full UV inspection for contaminants. Products are dispensed, sealed and documented for shipment to your exact specifications.