Sample Storage – Cold Storage

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Molecular Diagnostics

Improper sample storage can jeopardize months of research work and quickly send you back to square one. From leaky tubes to poorly configured cold storage organization, one seemingly small mistake has the potential to not only drain resources, but also produce inaccurate findings. Read More

Minimize your risks with a custom cold storage solution crafted by Thomas Scientific’s team of experts. We will help you identify the correct temperature and product needs for given sample types, and even help properly configure your physical storage to optimize workflow and prevent accidents.

As scientists, we understand that time and quality are critical. We are committed to providing quick shipments and on-time deliveries throughout all five steps of the workflow – and have a goal to ship all complete orders within 24 hours. This helps reduce the number of backorders and keeps diagnostic labs around the world running smoothly.

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Most manufacturers’ tubes will not be pressure tested for ability to withstand leaks at 95 kPA (14psi). They may work, but have not been tested and verified in these conditions. Corning's products with plug seal caps are an example of one that is verified to ASTM standards.

Most transport tubes are not suitable for testing at <-70°C for long periods due to their thinner tube walls and butyl seal, if any seal at all. A true cryovial - with its thicker walls and silicon or TPE seals - will withstand the potentially deleterious effects of cold storage.

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