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VampireTAG™ - Special Forms Labels for Barcode and Thermal-Transfer Printers

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VampireTAG™ cryogenic labels come in a roll format for printing with thermal-transfer (barcode) printers. These labels conform to the neck and conical bottom shape of microtubes. The VampireTAG™ has approximately double the height available for printing vertically oriented barcodes on microtube labels. This will decrease the required density of the barcode and make it easy for scanners to read the entire barcode.  Quick and simple to use, the VampireTAG™ consists of a rectangular middle and 2 vertical surfaces “fangs” that adhere along two sides of the microtube to provide adequate label space for printing 1-D barcodes, serial numbers, plenty of information and graphic images.

VampireTAG™ thermal-transfer cryogenic labels are ideal for long term storage and biopreservation in:

  • Liquid phase and vapor phase liquid nitrogen (-320.8°F / -196°C)
  • Dry ice
  • Cryogenic freezers

The VampireTAG™ labels are a subgroup of GA International’s NitroTAG™ cryogenic labels. The labels are constructed from a thin thermoplastic film and an extra-strong cryogenic adhesive. The cryogenic labels withstand temperatures up to 212°F / 100°C and will remain adhered to tubes through multiple freeze-thaw cycles without cracking or peeling off. The thin and sleek face of the cryogenic labels ensure the proper storage of tubes and vials in most storage systems without any hindrance or risk of being scraped off. The VampireTAG™ cryogenic labels do not require a self-laminate to work.  

  • VampireTAG™ labels can be printed with all major brands of thermal-transfer printers or marked on with permanent markers such as our Cryomarkers™
  • For the most durable ink or alcohol resistant print, it is recommended to print the labels using alcohol-proof resin ribbons
Size1.213" x 0.2724" 2x teeth /  30.8mm x 6.92mm 2x teeth
Core1" or 3" available
Label across1
Adhesivemax strength extra permanent
Labels/roll1,000 or 3,000

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Thomas No.
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Cryogenic barcode labels for microtubes 1.213" x 0.2724" , 1" core, white
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Thomas No.
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Also known as: EK-480697
Cryogenic barcode labels for microtubes 1.213" x 0.2724", 3" core, white
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