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xTIP4 LTS™ Style Tip Eject System Pipet Tips

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xTIP4 LTS™ Style Tip Eject System Pipet Tips

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xTIP4 LTS style pipette tips provide lighter ejection and insertion forces with the StarStop and FlexFit innovations.

Light Insertion + Light Ejection = Healthier Pipetting

Light Insertion Force
FlexFit sealing technology requires minimal insertion force to generate consistent seals that you can trust every time.  

Light Ejection
No matter how you apply your tip, xTIP4 pipette tips will always eject at the same light force. The StarStop feature works with your LTS style pipette to create a strong seal in the same location, every time.  

Low binding!
Biotix low retention technology reduces the amount of sample lost in the tip when pipetting. Great for use with loading dyes, proteins and DNA to increase your experiments accuracy and yield.

Clean Delivery
xTIP4 tips are engineered with the Blade ratio to reduce hanging droplet formation when dispensing a sample. This limits the need for tip touch off on your plate wells or tubes saving you time and reagent.

TipEject Reload Features

  • Clear casing and colored snap cards for easy tip identification
  • Operated easily with one hand without directly contacting the tips
  • Helps to reduce waste by 80%
  • Tips are shielded from the environment and user handling

All Biotix® tips are certified free of RNase, DNase, Pyrogens, and PCR Inhibitors. Manufactured under stringent controls in an ISO 9001 certified facility. Each lot is tested for accuracy and precision, ensuring superior quality and compatibility. All raw materials are controlled and inspected for quality. Sterile products undergo E-Beam radiation. All racks include a label with a unique bar-coded serial number, part number, and description for traceability to the individual rack.

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Also known as: EK-2625-R96L, TB-250RFLS-TX
250µL xTIP4 LTS™ style TipEject Reload
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