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Digi-Sense Thermocouple Probe

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Thermocouple probes operate on the principle that an electromagnetic force (emf) is generated when heat is applied to the junction of two dissimilar metals (sending junctions). At the other end of the wires, usually as part of the input instrument, is another junction called the reference junction. The temperature is inferred based on the emf difference between the sensing and the reference junction, which is at a known temperature. Thermocouple probe junction types include exposed junction, ungrounded junction, and grounded junction. Thermocouples offer the greatest temperature range and are more cost effective but are the least sensitive and accurate of the sensor types. A thermocouple probe is suitable for use from -200 to 2000 degrees C.

  • Thermocouple Pipe-Fitting Probes Ideal for High Temperature Environments or Pressurized Chambers
  • Each Probe comes with a one-time adjustable stainless steel compression fitting with a 1/8" NPT process.
  • Compression fittings can hold up to 2000psi once installed
  • Response Time: 3 seconds or greater
  • Fiberglass insulated cable ideal for continuous high temperature environments
  • Type "K" and "J" probes feature ICONEL 600 sheaths
  • Type "T" probes feature 316 Stainless Steel sheaths
  • Each probe comes with a color coded ANSI mini connector: type J-black, type K-yellow, type T-blue, and type E-purple.
  • Custom designs or changes to this product are available upon request

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