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WaterPro RO Bladder Tanks

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WaterPro RO Bladder Tanks provide additional storage of reverse osmosis water produced by the WaterPro RO Station. The pressurized water can be distributed to a polishing station (such as the WaterPro® PS) or to a glassware washer (such as the FlaskScrubber® or SteamScrubber®) through either of two pressurized ports. WaterPro RO Bladder Tanks are available in either 14 or 20 gallon size.

Tanks are connected to the permeate of the WaterPro RO Stations and incorporate a pressurized bladder which, when empty, have an external pressure of 5 psi. As water is forced into the bladder by the WaterPro RO Station, the bladder expands and the pressure inside the tank increases. The WaterPro RO Station has a shutoff pressure of approximately 40 psi and automatically turns off once maximum pressure is reached.

Demand on the WaterPro RO Bladder Tank reduces the system pressure, which turns on the WaterPro RO Station to refill the tank. If demand is such that the pressurized WaterPro RO Bladder Tank empties, this system can also draw water from the 17L gravity feed storage tank located on the WaterPro RO Station.

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  • Designed for use with WaterPro RO Station
  • Can distribute water to WaterPro PS Station, FlaskScrubber or SteamScrubber Glassware Washer
  • Actual capacity of the 14 G tank (amended due to pressures): 9 G
  • Actual capacity of the 20 G tank (amended due to pressures): 12.87 G
  • Include all tubing and hardware for connection to a Labconco Glassware Washer or WaterPro PS Station

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