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Thermo Scientific UV-Vis

Accessories for the SPECTRONIC 20 and 20D

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Square Cell Adapter

Adapts 8420Q18 test tube holder to take square cuvettes with 10 mm light path.

Test Tube Holder

As supplied with all models of the SPECTRONIC 20 and 20D spectrophotometers. Takes 1/2" diameter test tubes or 10-mm round cuvettes; ability to accommodate hatch COD vials.

Test Tube Adapter, 3/4"

For one 8420R45 test tube, 3/4" o.d. x 6" long; replaces standard holder in all SPECTRONIC 20 models. Requires use of 8420Q45.

Test Tube Adapter, 1"

Similar to 8420Q30, but for 8420R50 test tubes, 1" x 6". Without lightproofing cap on test tube.

Lightproofing Cap

Brass, for use with 8420Q30 and 8420Q35 to cover tops of 6" test tubes. Inside diameter 35 mm, depth 64 mm.

Holium Oxide Filter

Used for calibrating any of the Spectronic spectrophotometers.

Test Tubes

Ungraduated tubes are selected for uniformity and freedom from flaws in light path zone so that majority match within ±1% of transmittance reading, but should be matched by the user for best results. Marking spot and reference line permit realignment.

8420R40 tube is 1/2" x 4"; minimum working capacity 3 mL ; i.d. 11.66 mm, fits standard cell holder. 8420R45 tube is 3/4" x 6"; minimum working capacity 5 mL ; i.d. 16.8 mm, requires 8420Q35 adapter. 8420R50 tube is 1" x 6"; minimum working capacity 8 mL ; i.d. 22.35 mm, requires 8420Q35 adapter.

Tungsten Lamps

8420R75 tungsten lamp is rated 6.5 volt, 2.75 ampere, mounted on a prefocused base plate. Without terminal wires, is supplied with Spectronic 20 standard and regulated models.

Stray Light Filter Kit

Reduces stray light to less than 0.5%T.

Filters correspond to the different optical characteristics of the photodiode detector (compared to the phototube).

RS-232 Cable

  • Allows SPECTRONIC 20D+ to be connected to your printer or computer.

This product is only available to U.S. Domestic Customers.

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