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Thermotrack PC

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Thermotrack PC

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Thermotrack PC software for Thermo Buttons and Hygro Buttons Dataloggers

Thermotrack PC is designed to set and read the Thermo Buttons and Hygro Buttons in a few clicks. It combines simplicity of use with integrity of information.
Everything has been done to simplify your controls and analysis.
In 2 clicks with Thermotrack PC you can:

  • See the graph with high and low thresholds
  • Check the min, max, average temperature, MKT and humidity
  • Zoom on the graph awith the mouse
  • See the list of alarms
  • See the list of Temperatures, Humidity, Due Point
  • Print graphs, list of alarms, list of temperature in powerful reports
  • Save the data on your PC or Server
  • Export data to Excel

More functions to make you save time:

  • Automatically print of the graph when reading a Button
  • Automatically email the graph as PDF in case of alarms
  • Automatically save data and create folders by Years and Months
  • Search Engine so you can easily find any record

Thermo and Hygro Button Setup:
In a few seconds, you can mission your Thermo Buttons and set:

  • The sample rate and the clock
  • The start delay
  • Low and high alarm thresholds and temporization
  • A personal ID for the Button (Chiller ID, Vehicle, Lot, Product…)
  • A reminder in your Outlook calendar

Thermotrack PC has 3 versions. Same functions, but different prices depending on the numbers of Button each can use:

  • Thermotrack PC Pro: Can use an unlimited Buttons - Thomas No. 1199Y99
  • Thermotrack PC Cinco: Can use maximum 5 Buttons of the same PC - Thomas No. 1199Y98
  • Thermotrack PC Solo: Can use only 1 Button on the same PC - Thomas No. 1199Y97


Calibration Module - Thomas No 1199Z10

If you want a better accuracy for your Thermo Buttons and Hygro Buttons, the calibration module is made for you. This module enables to enter the results of your calibration certificates in the memory of your Thermo Buttons and Hygro Buttons: reference values (standard), measured values, uncertainties. Thermotrack will correct the values according to the differences. The correction is made linearly using 2 to 5 points or using a 4th degree polynomial (Temperature only).


  • The calibration parameters are kept in the software and also in the Button, so that any other user of Thermotrack PC with calibration module can get the correction.
  • The module lets you know the end of validity of the certificate. 30 days before validity, you see a message each time you read the Button.


Thermal Mapping Module - Thomas No 1199Z11

For true validation of Homogeneity and Stability of your equipments (chillers, freezers, incubators, cold rooms, warehouses...)
It helps to compare up to 50 Buttons and to superimpose the different graphs.
It calculates the average, the minimum and maximum values for each data logger and makes the conformity assessment of your equipment.
It publishes a complete and detailed report.
The Thermal Mapping Module is ISO 60068-3-5 compliant.
The calibration Module is recommended with the Thermal Mapping Module in order to minimise uncertainties and maximize your chances to get validated results.


Expert CFR21 part 11 Module - Thomas No ??????

Secure access to Thermotrack and ensure compliance to FDA CFR21 part 11.

  • Create users and assign specific rights.
  • Get an Audit Trial that records all actions made by users.
  • Print PDF type A report that no one can manipulate


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LanguagesEnglish, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Japanese, Italian
ComplianceFDA CFR21 part 11
Operating SystemsWindows 7 and above
Processors32 and 64 bit
Size4.17x2.56x1.22 inches
Free trial30 days

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