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Evoqua Water Technologies

Replacement Cartridges For Millipore Systems

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  • Designed for optimum contaminant removal and efficiency
  • Constructed of all wetted natural polypropylene parts to reduce extractables
  • Housed in pigmented polypropylene exterior to minimize bacterial growth from light
  • Date-coded for critical quality control

LiquiPure I: The USFilter LiquiPure® 1 replacement cartridges, for use in Millipore Milli-Q® and Alpha-Q™ laboratory water systems, provide ultra-high-purity water with very low TOC and extractable levels. These cartridges contain a variety of purification media to remove specific types of feed water contaminants.

LiquiPure CLC: This replacement cartridge for Millipore AFS Analyzer Feed systems provides high purity water to feed laboratory clinical chemistry analyzers. The cartridge contains ultra-high-purity mixed-bed ion exchange resin to produce NCCLS Type I quality water.

LiquiPure RO: This duplex, RO pretreatment cartridge for Millipore Milli-RO® and AFS Analyzer Feed systems includes granular activated carbon for chlorine removal, depth filtration for particulate removal and food-grade sequestering agent to protect the RO membrane from fouling and scale formation. Designed in a duplex configuration, the cartridge can be rotated and reconnected when one half has been exhausted.

Thomas No.Where UsedMILLIPore EQUIV. PART No.USFilter CATALOG No.
LiquiPure Cartridges for Millipore Water System Cartridge Packs (Compact Systems)
3923C01Milli-Q or Alpha-Q SystemsCPMQ004R1 CPMQ004D2LP1000
3923C03Milli-Q or Alpha-Q SystemsCPMQK05R1 CPMQK05D2LP2000
3923C05Milli-Q or Alpha-Q SystemsMPGLO45K2PL2813
3923C09AFS Analyzer Feed SystemsCP4ALLRESLP3000
3923C15Milli-RO and AFS Analyzer Feed SystemsCPROP0402LP4000
Millipore Cartridge Kits for Older Bowl Systems, Milli-Q , Life Sciences Standard Reagent Systems
3923C193, 4 & 5 Bowl Milli-Q or Milli-Q Plus SystemsCDFC01204DICM 1000-4
3923C213, 4 & 5 Bowl Milli-Q or Milli-Q Plus SystemsCPMB01202DIMM 1200-2
3923C234 & 5 Bowl Milli-Q or Milli-Q Plus SystemsCDEX01201DIOM 1200-1
3923C27Milli-RO SystemsCDPRM1206FCR001205
3923C294 Bowl Life Science or 3 Bowl Standard Reagent SystemCDMF01204LBCCM 1202
3923C314 Bowl Analytical SystemCDOF01205LBRCM 1002
Super-Q System Cartridge Kits
3923C37Super-Q (Housing #1)CDFC02203DICM 2200-1
3923C39Super-Q (Housing #2, #3)CPMB02202DIMM 2200-1
3923C41Super-Q (Housing #4) OptionalCDEX02201DIOM 2200-1
3923C43Super-Q (Housing #4) OptionalCDUFM2201CDUF02201
Replacement RO Membranes for Millipore Milli-RO and AFS Systems
3923C49Milli-RO 4 & 15CDRC 012 S0ROGTM3512
3923C51Milli-RO 6-10 and AFS SystemsCDRC 012 HGLABROKIT
3923C53Milli-RO 4 & 15CDR001250ROETM3512

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LiquiPure 1 Purification Pack w/ Final Filter, LP2000
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High Capacity Carbon Cartridge (Super-C) for Millipore, DICM1000-4
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Thomas No.
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3-Bowl Milli-Q Cartridge Kit w/ Final Filter, LBCCM1202
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Organic Scavenger / Removal. 22" Organex-Q Cartridge, DIOM2200-1
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