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Accessories and Replacement Parts for UV Transilluminators

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Hinged UV-Blocking Cover: Transparent hinged cover shields the user from azardous UV radiation and protects the filter from damage caused by dropping objects on the glass. Cover fits over all gels and TLC plates and can be easily attached to hinges on either side of the unit. Constructed of heavy-duty, acrylic-based, UV-blocking material.

  • Fits over gels, blots and TLC plates
  • Protects users from UV exposure
  • Extremely durable

UV-Transmitting Filter Protector: Manipulate gels directly on the transilluminator! UV-transmitting filter protector shields the costly filter glass from cuts, scratches, breakage, etc. Transparent thermoplastic protectors are super-resistant to solarization and last longer than traditional UV protectors. Each protector covers the transilluminator platform completely. Attached rubber bumpers keep protector in place and minimizes heat build-up at transilluminator surface.

  • Allows manipulation of gels
  • Prevents damage to the filter
  • Resistant to solarization

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